Latest American Association of Cereal Chemists Stories

2008-08-14 03:00:39

By Ganesan, V Muthukumarappan, K; Rosentrater, K A ABSTRACT Distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is a bulk material that has been widely used as a protein source for ruminants and nonruminants for more than two decades. DDGS is the nonfermentable processing residue (i.e., protein, fiber, fat, and ash) from fuel ethanol manufacturing. With the exponential growth of the fuel ethanol industry in the past several years, significant quantities ( The production of ethanol from corn grain...

2008-06-19 03:00:25

By Sissons, M J Schlichting, L M; Egan, N; Aarts, W A; Harden, S; Marchylo, B A ABSTRACT A standardized method to determine cooked spaghetti firmness was developed. The effects of process and instrument variables were investigated and optimized to provide reproducible results between laboratories and to enable discrimination among samples with similar firmness characteristics. Commercial spaghetti samples of varying thickness were chosen to artificially create a range in firmness, and used...

2008-01-19 03:00:42

By Zhu, Thianming Jackson, David S; Wehling, Randy L; Geera, Bhima ABSTRACT It has long been recognized that limitations exist in the analytical mediodology for amylose determination. This study was conducted to evaluate various amylose determination methods. Purified amylose and amylopectin fractions were obtained from com, rice, wheat, and potato and then mixed in proportion to make 10, 20, 30, 50, and 80% amylose content starch samples for each source. These samples, considered amylose...

2007-10-14 03:00:17

By Junqueira, Roberto M Rocha, Fabricio; Moreira, Maurilio A; Castro, Inar A ABSTRACT Soybean lipoxygenase addition in wheat bread doughs is widely used to improve the crumb color and rheology but little is known about the variability of the activity of lipoxygenase under diverse breadmaking conditions. Thus the objective of this study was to evaluate how soybean lipoxygenase can affect bleaching, volume, and sensory characteristics of French breads when proofing time and wheat flour...

2007-05-04 09:00:22

By Xiujin, Zhang; Jinquan, Sun; Zaigui, Li ABSTRACT Diacetyl tartaric acid ester of monoglycerides (DATEM) is a kind of anionic emulsifier. To date, the positive effect of DATEM on the volume of bread has been reported, but the effects on Chinese steamed bread (CSB) quality and other parameters for bread quality are still unclear. The effects of DATEM on the characteristics of dough and the qualities of CSB and bread were investigated. The results showed that, the effects of DATEM on the...

2006-12-06 03:00:32

By Narvez-Gonzlez, Ernesto David; de Dios Figueroa-Crdenas, Juan; Taba, Suketoshi; Tostado, Eduardo Castao; Et al ABSTRACT Chemical composition (moisture, total lipids, protein, and apparent amylose) and some physical features (1,000 kernel weight, hardness, and anatomical composition) were determined in 71 accessions representing races of maize from Latin America. Their microstructural characteristics (size and compaction of endosperm cell bodies, pericarp thickness, hornyfloury...

Word of the Day
  • Like a worm in form or movement; vermiform; tortuous or sinuous; also, writhing or wriggling.
  • Like the track or trace of a worm; appearing as if worm-eaten; vermiculate.
  • Marked with fine, close-set, wavy or tortuous lines of color; vermiculated.
  • A form of rusticated masonry which is so wrought as to appear thickly indented with worm-tracks.
This word ultimately comes from the Latin 'vermis,' worm.