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2012-08-13 07:23:37

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A special type of glass coating, developed by a German company and inspired by spider webs, is being used for the first time in the UK to help protect birds flocking to an island off the northeast coast of England. The glazing, which is known as Ornilux and is visible to birds but invisible to humans, was developed by researchers at Arnold Glas and is being used at a lookout tower at The Holy Island of Lindisfarne in order to keep...

Government Hatching Plan To Save One Owl, Kill Another
2012-03-01 12:50:59

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it is constructing a plan to try and save the endangered northern spotted owl, by conserving habitat and killing its rival. The government has already set aside millions of acres of forest to protect the owl, but the bird's population has declined 40 percent in 25 years, and continues to drop. The plan would see that more forest habitat critical for the bird's survival would be set off limits.  Habitat loss and competition from barred owls...

2011-05-09 12:43:32

A new University of Florida study shows cats are the dominant predator to mockingbird eggs and nestlings in urban areas, prompting conservationists to urge pet owners to keep felines indoors at night. The findings challenge assumptions that urban areas are places of refuge for nesting mockingbirds, a species researchers say plays an important role in controlling insect pests and serving as environmental indicators for metropolitan areas. "I thought the cats probably really hammered them...

2009-07-16 10:53:52

A federal study indicates one of every five U.S. citizens was involved in birdwatching during 2006, contributing $36 billion to the nation's economy. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report indicates total participation in bird watching during 2006, the latest period for which statistics are available, totaled 48 million people -- remaining at a steady 20 percent of the U.S. population since 1996. Participation was generally greater in the northern half of the nation. The five top states...

2009-07-02 12:13:08

A U.S. study has determined some wild coyotes regularly feed on outdoor domestic and feral cats. Shannon Grubbs of the University of Arizona and Paul Krausman of the University of Montana said they tracked coyotes in the Tucson area and observed 36 coyote-cat encounters, of which 19 ended with the coyotes killing the cats. The researchers said while other studies have found approximately 13 percent of a coyote's diet consists of cats, the new study found of the 45 instances during which...

2009-05-11 15:45:59

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revoked all regulations permitting small amounts of the residue of carbofuran in food. The EPA's Monday decision was hailed by the American Bird Conservancy as marking a huge victory for wildlife and the environment. The action involves a pesticide sold under the name Furadan by the FMC Corp. The EPA said the toxic insecticide does not meet current U.S. food safety standards. The EPA said its ruling will eliminate residues of carbofuran in food,...

2009-03-20 12:46:00

MT. RAINIER, Md., March 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With a new report out from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the debate of bird versus cat continues. According to a statement from Darin Schroeder, Vice President for Conservation Advocacy for the American Bird Conservancy, "[all] across America, birds face a gauntlet of threats to their survival including pesticides, collisions, domestic cats, and habitat loss." Schroeder says that the U.S. continues to permit imported produce that has...

2009-03-20 14:45:00

A federal report released Thursday finds that nearly one in three U.S. bird species are endangered, threatened or in a state of significant decline, with those in Hawaii in danger of a "borderline ecological disaster." The "State of the Birds United States of America 2009" report, issued by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar along with university ornithologists and conservation groups, is available online at www.stateofthebirds.org. It also describes some successes, such as the recovery of the...

2008-10-02 07:15:00

When it comes to an endangered species list for the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the federal government wants to take a new, ecosystem-based approach to adding 48 species, including plants, two birds and a fly. The Interior Department would designate about 43 square miles as critical habitat for all the species rather than considering each species' habitat separately. Officials said considering the species all at once, could possibly save time and resources and help the whole ecosystem. "For...

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