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2009-06-29 10:26:00

- Buy Your Tickets to Meet American Breeds and Many More at NYC's Javits Center October 17-18, 2009 at www.meetthebreeds.com - NEW YORK, June 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With dogs and cats having been domesticated for thousands of years, many of the breeds we know and enjoy today originated in other countries.

Latest American Eskimo Dog Reference Libraries

2008-07-13 21:43:23

The Samoyed is a breed of dog which was originally bred to pull the sleds of nomadic reindeer herders from Siberia. The breed was developed not only to pull sleds, but also to assist in herding and keep its owners warm at night, acting as their blanket by sleeping on top of them. Following the Russian Revolution, the Samoyed became obsolete for these people, but enough of the dogs had been brought to Europe to establish the breed there. The breed was used in several famed expeditions, such as...

2008-05-27 23:21:31

The Papillon is a small dog bred as a companion and watch dog. It is one of the oldest toy breeds, traced back to Italy circa 1542. The breed can be seen in paintings over the centuries, especially in those of royal and merchant class families. The Papillon is a small, elegant, fine-boned breed which generally stands 8 to 11 inches tall and weighs 6 to 10 pounds. The coat of the breed is generally white with brown or black markings. It is silky and long, and the tail and ears are covered...

2008-05-27 22:57:58

The Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed which has been used as a large game hunter, a guardian, a herder, and a defender. The breed is a Spitz type breed which excels at its duties under even the worst climate conditions. Its name, translated means "Norwegian moose dog". The Norwegian Elkhound does not hunt like a hound dog, nor is it a true hound; it just holds animals at bay until the hunter can arrive to shoot them. The breed stands around 20 inches high and weighs up to 52 pounds....

2008-05-27 17:13:00

The Maltese is an ancient breed of toy dog associated with the island of Malta. The origin of the breed can be traced back thousands of years. The breed is believed to have descended from a Spitz type breed which belonged to Swiss Lake dwellers, but it may also be related to Asia's Tibetan Terrier. The breed was most likely used by nomadic tribes for rodent control, but over time the breed became primarily a companion. The breed generally weighs anywhere from 3 to 12 pounds and stands 7...

2008-05-27 14:28:53

The Keeshond, originally called the Wolfsspitz, is a medium-sized breed from Germany. It is closely related to the German spitzes. The breed was named after Cornelis (Kees) de Gyselaer, the leader of the Dutch rebellion against the House of Orange during the 18th century. The breed was the symbol for the rebels, and today it is still sometimes call "the Smiling Dutchman". The first breed standard was posted in 1880 in Berlin, and the breed was brought to America in the late 1920s, and...

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