Latest amnesia Stories

2015-02-18 11:44:20

Ever wonder why some people can recall vivid memories as if they were yesterday? Vanderbilt researchers shine a light on what it means to 'mentally time travel' through memories.

2014-04-30 23:05:08

Ace Innovation Group's Dr.

Memories Start To Fade By Age Seven
2014-01-26 05:34:00

Memories are the way that infants learn new information, however, few adults can remember events that occurred before the age of three. According to a new study from Emory University psychologists, these early memories fade around age seven in a phenomenon known as "childhood amnesia."

MRIs Detect Brain Injuries That CT Scans Fail To Find
2012-12-19 11:40:05

Scientists recently discovered that hospital MRIs could help show signs of mild traumatic brain injuries that may not be seen with CT scans.

2011-11-09 16:09:33

A 22-year-old woman known as "HC" with amnesia since birth as a result of developing only half the normal volume of the hippocampus in her brain, has demonstrated to scientists that the ability to hold a single face or word in short-term memory is impaired.

Awesome Sex Can Cause Memory Loss In Some People
2011-10-13 11:39:09

Scientists said in a new study that sex can actually wipe someone's memory.= via a condition known as "transient global amnesia."

2011-08-25 03:37:20

“I’ll meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time,” says the character Aaron in the 1987 movie Broadcast News.

2011-08-11 13:51:34

Memory is not a single process but is made up of several sub-processes relying on different areas of the brain.

2011-04-01 00:14:17

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