Latest Amniotic band syndrome Stories

2007-03-18 03:00:13

By Tsirka, Aspasia; Korkontzelos, Ioannis; Diamantopoulos, Pantelis; Tsirkas, Panagiotis; Stefos, Theodoros Anterior abdominal wall defects expressed as three basic types (omphalocele, gastroschisis and body stalk complex) are in general diagnosed during the second trimester of pregnancy [1]. The body stalk anomaly is characterized by the presence of a major abdominal wall defect, severe kyphoscoliosis, a rudimentary umbilical cord (short or monoarterial), neural tube defects, genitourinary...

2005-07-01 14:10:00

LIMA, Peru -- A Peruvian woman has given birth to a boy dubbed the "lobster baby" because of a rare condition in which his arms and legs are deformed and wrapped like claws around his body, doctors said on Friday. One-month-old Moises Chavez, who was brought to Lima this week after he was born in Peru's central Andes, is one of only a few babies worldwide born with the defect in all four limbs, said Dr. Luis Rubio, who will lead the baby's long treatment. The condition, known as...

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