Latest Amorphous metal Stories

2009-03-16 15:54:54

Using rigorous computer calculations, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Institution of Washington have established evidence that supercooled silicon experiences a liquid-liquid phase transition, where at a certain temperature two different states of liquid silicon exist.

2008-12-22 14:44:34

Researchers at MIT have made significant progress in understanding a class of materials that has resisted analysis for decades.

2008-12-21 12:32:21

The new alloys are lighter and less expensive, but are still tough and ductile enough for use in aerospace applications

2008-08-03 03:00:20

By Gao, Michael C Dogan, Omer N; King, Paul; Rollett, Anthony D; Widom, Michael The purpose of this work is to predict elastic and thermodynantie properties of chromium-based alloys based on first-principles calculations and to demonstrate an appropriate computational approach to develop new materials for high-temperature applications in energy systems.

2008-07-24 03:00:55

By Lee, Kyuhong Lee, Sang-Bok; Lee, Sang-Kwan; Lee, Sunghak In the present study, a Zr-based amorphous alloy matrix composite reinforced with tungsten continuous fibers was fabricated without pores or defects by a liquid pressing process; the microstructures and mechanical properties of the fibers were investigated.

2008-07-17 03:00:35

By Lee, Sang-Bok Lee, Sang-Kwan; Lee, Sunghak; Kim, Nack J The feasibility to fabricate the tungsten and STS-fiber- reinforced amorphous alloy matrix composites was verified by analyses of the thermal stress and cooling behavior between matrix and metallic fibers.

2008-06-23 10:15:00

Imagine a plane that has wings made out of glass; thanks to a major breakthrough in understanding the nature of glass by scientists at the University of Bristol, this has just become a possibility.

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