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Researcher Uses Multiple Methods To Predict Tornadoes Earlier
2012-03-27 11:56:45

[ Watch the Video ] Tornadoes are a common occurrence through the South and plains regions of the United States, causing millions of dollars in damage each year and claiming hundreds of lives. Meteorologists and researchers have long tried to gather enough data about these storms to create a sophisticated early warning system in order to predict these storms hours in advance and save lives. Amy McGovern is a computer scientist at the University of Oklahoma who is working to find out...

2011-07-01 07:35:00

Researchers seek to fundamentally transform understanding of spinning giants By Ellen Ferrante, National Science Foundation Each year, tornadoes tear across the United States, causing numerous deaths and physical damage to the environment and infrastructure. The National Weather Service estimates there have been about 1,475 this year alone, outpacing the last decade's yearly average of 1,274. Many of these spinning giants strike in the plains states between the Rocky and Appalachian...

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