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Whiskey As Biofuel
2012-09-25 21:33:39

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online It may not come as a shock to most who have tasted it before, but some scientists are turning whiskey by-products into fuel. The Tullibardine distillery in Perthshire, Scotland is joining in with Celtic Renewables to create biofuel out of their whiskey leftovers. The scientists plan to use bacteria to feed on the "leftovers" from the whiskey making process to produce butanol, which can help fuel vehicles. Over 90% of the...

2012-09-24 14:23:21

Expedition to the Greenland Sea with Surprising Results Marine scientists from Kiel, together with colleagues from Bremen, Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway, spent four and a half weeks examining methane emanation from the sea bed off the coast of Spitsbergen with the German research vessel MARIA S. MERIAN. There they gained a very differentiated picture: Several of the gas outlets have been active for hundreds of years. Frequent storms and sub-zero temperatures — nature drove...

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