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2010-03-04 08:55:43

When people say they "had sex," what transpired is anyone's guess. A new study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that no uniform consensus existed when a representative sample of 18- to 96-year-olds was asked what the term meant to them.

2009-08-31 08:55:46

New research from UCSF examining HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the township of Soweto in South Africa has found that a third of gay-identified men are infected with HIV.

2009-04-09 00:15:58

By age 12, 12 percent of U.S. students had already engaged in vaginal sex, 7.9 percent in oral sex and 6.5 percent in anal sex, U.S. researchers have learned.

2009-04-08 15:55:00

Middle school youth are engaging in sexual intercourse as early as age 12, according to a study by researchers at The University of Texas School of Public Health.

2009-02-05 13:20:24

A study of young black men who have sex with men, in the Jackson, Miss., area shows many common risk behaviors, federal health officials said.

2008-11-20 15:48:23

The incidence of heterosexual anal sex is increasing among teens and young adults -- a sexually transmitted disease and HIV risk factor, U.S. researchers say.

2008-05-21 00:45:00

A new study of U.S. teens’ sexual behavior found evidence to disprove the notion that many teens try to substitute oral sex for intercourse in order to stay “technically” virgins.

2006-08-15 17:50:00

By Natalie Armstrong TORONTO (Reuters) - AIDS is "spiraling out of control" in Asia among men who have sex with other men, activists warned on Tuesday -- and the epidemic is likely to spread because many of these men also marry or have sex with women.

2006-05-10 07:45:18

By Maggie Fox WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Young women risk being infected with Chlamydia more than once, researchers reported on Tuesday in a series of studies showing just how vulnerable younger women are to the disease.

2006-03-17 13:20:00

Heterosexual men are more likely to engage in high-risk sex if they use methamphetamine, or "meth," according to results of a study conducted in California.

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