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2012-08-16 01:12:54

The work may pave the way for new therapies for obesity and diabetes Working with a national team of researchers, a scientist from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute has shown for the first time a link between low levels of a specific hormone and increased risk of metabolic disease in humans. The study, published online ahead of print in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, focuses on the hormone adropin, which was previously identified by Scripps...

2012-02-07 20:59:16

The abundance of false information available on the Internet, in movies and on TV has created a big challenge for educators. Students sometimes arrive in classrooms filled with inaccurate knowledge they are confident is correct, indicating it is deeply entrenched in their memory. According to Duke University researchers, educators might be able to help students overcome their misconceptions by correcting inaccurate information then having the students practice retrieving it from memory....

2011-11-24 11:19:35

The Findings May Help Scientists Combat Obesity and Diabetes Against the backdrop of the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have made an important new discovery regarding a specific gene that plays an important role in keeping a steady balance between our food intake and energy expenditure. The study may help scientists better understand the keys to fighting obesity and related disorders such as diabetes....

2009-08-06 19:10:09

People who see misinformation in historical films and then read accurate accounts are 50 percent more likely to recall the misinformation, U.S. researchers say. Andrew Butler, a psychology doctoral student at Washington University in St. Louis, said students who learn history through watching blockbuster movies may be doomed to repeat history. We found that when information in the film was consistent with information in the text, watching the film clips increased correct recall by about 50...

2009-08-06 08:28:20

Students who learn history by watching historically based blockbuster movies may be doomed to repeat the historical mistakes portrayed within them, suggests a new study from Washington University in St. Louis.The study, forthcoming in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that showing popular history movies in a classroom setting can be a double-edged sword when it comes to helping students learn and retain factual information in associated textbooks."We found that when information in...

2008-07-11 09:00:41

By GAVIN CUMINE HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR We should be in a mirror clad club with glitter balls falling from a red velvet ceiling with fountains of vodka teeming down golden stairways. There should be drag queens, and asexual Andy Warhol lookalikes wandering around with cigarettes dripping from their white fingers. People should be getting lost in a jazz electro odyssey and the afrobeat infused brass duels, smouldering beats and spiralling synths as they watch furiously voguing dancers....

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  • A Roman unit of weight, 1⁄1728 of a pound.
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  • In anatomy, a formation suggesting a husk or pod.
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  • A coin of base silver of the Gothic and Lombard kings of Italy.
'Siliqua' comes from a Latin word meaning 'a pod.'