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2012-08-21 22:21:16

Regardless of how much a high school student generally studies each day, if that student sacrifices sleep in order to study more than usual, he or she is more likely to have academic problems the following day. Because students tend to increasingly sacrifice sleep time for studying in the latter years of high school, this negative dynamic becomes more and more prevalent over time. Those are the findings of a new longitudinal study that focused on daily and yearly variations of students who...

2011-09-01 12:35:32

Students are stigmatized for any number of reasons, from the clothes they wear to what model cell phone they clench in their hands. Now, in a new report, researchers from UCLA show that youths from a range of ethnic-minority backgrounds have an added burden to contend with: ethnicity-based stigmatization. Even elementary school—aged children are aware of such stigmatization and, like older youths, they feel more anxious about school as a result. In the current online edition of...

2010-09-14 18:27:58

A lot, if you're a teen, says UCLA study It's tough being a teen. Are you in or are you out? Are you hanging with the right crowd? Are you dressing and talking and acting the right way? For adolescents who are ethnic minorities, on top of this quest to "fit in" is the added layer "” and the burden "” of dealing with discrimination, say UCLA researchers. In a new study, the researchers found that adolescents from Latin American and Asian backgrounds experienced more...

2009-03-10 16:16:33

Study links teen conflicts to potential risk for adult cardiovascular disease Most of us remember our teenage years with a mix of fondness and relief. Fondness for the good memories, and relief that all that teenage stress, angst and drama "” first love, gossip, SATs, fights with parents "” is behind us. Or is it? It turns out, say UCLA researchers, that even stressful times from the teenage years exact a physical toll that could have implications for health during adulthood....

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