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2013-08-19 23:00:17

Mental Golf Training is a brand new golf training program designed by Andrew Scott, who wants to offer people many useful golf swing tips that help them become a professional golfer. A full Mental Golf Training overview on the site Vkool.com shows if this golf training program is effective and affordable enough for people to achieve their dream. Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) August 19, 2013 Mental Golf Training is a newly updated golf training system created by Andrew Scott, who promises to help...

2010-09-01 06:30:00

A new study claims to debunk the theory that mammoths, giant bears and other large mammals in North America were wiped out by a space impact 13,000 years ago. Scientists have long theorized that these large beasts, which disappeared quickly from the fossil record, were killed off by a comet or asteroid strike. But researchers now say that the tiny diamonds believed to have been created in the collision may have been misconstrued. Without these diamonds, the theory falls apart, they say. "This...

2008-08-27 15:00:43

Sir, There is always going to be some environmental effect of any power generation system, be it a threat to the habitat for a primitive nematode or a recreation location for a whitewater kayaker. What Andrew Scott (Mailbox, August 19) needs to tell us is where the hydro plant should go if not on the Matakitaki. Or does he want more dirty coal or imported gas-fired stations like the National Party? Or is he going to tell people they can't have their (electrically heated) spa pool, their...

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  • Like the track or trace of a worm; appearing as if worm-eaten; vermiculate.
  • Marked with fine, close-set, wavy or tortuous lines of color; vermiculated.
  • A form of rusticated masonry which is so wrought as to appear thickly indented with worm-tracks.
This word ultimately comes from the Latin 'vermis,' worm.