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2008-06-27 15:02:39

By Michael Janusonis BOSTON -- Bringing to the screen the charming story of a robot that was forgotten on an ecologically decimated Earth was a 14-year process according to Andrew Stanton, director and co-writer of WALL- E.

2008-06-27 15:01:45

By Robert Butler, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jun. 27--The most ambitious film yet from the House of Pixar, "WALL-E" is an intergalactic epic about robot romance, furious physical comedy and the fate of humanity.

2008-06-27 12:02:44

By Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jun. 27--When I heard that St.

2008-06-27 09:02:45

By Jeff Vice Deseret News WALL*E -- **** -- Animated feature, starring the voices of Ben Burtt, Jeff Garlin and others; rated G (animated violence) Technological advances make "WALL*E" the best-looking of all the Pixar animated features to date.

2008-06-27 06:00:00

No, no, no, says "WALL-E," creator Andrew Stanton -- Pixar's new movie is not sending an environmental message.

2008-06-27 03:00:00

There is so little wrong with WALL-E, the latest film from the animation geniuses at Pixar, that I should get the bad stuff out of the way first.

2008-06-26 09:00:00

It doesn't matter if the characters in his films are toys, insects, monsters, fish or robots. Andrew Stanton wants all of them to be as "human" as possible.

2008-06-26 06:02:44

By Phil Villarreal, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Jun. 26--In the 29th century, the lone residents of Earth are a solar-powered trash-compacting robot and his cockroach sidekick. Humans have flown away and pollution has choked vegetation and animal life.

2008-06-24 02:25:00

"WALL-E," a savvy sci-fi Pixar comedy, has almost no dialogue. But with images and sound effects alone, it touches, it teaches and it tickles. It's the best Pixar film since "Finding Nemo."

2008-06-22 06:00:00

Even for Pixar, a company that thrives on new frontiers, WALL-E is a gutsy next move. It's the first dystopian parable that's actually ecstatic fun. It's also the closest Pixar has come to making a full-length silent movie.

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