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2012-03-13 10:44:29

New research at the University of Warwick into 50 years of motherhood manuals has revealed how despite their differences they have always issued advice as orders and set unattainably high standards for new mums and babies. Angela Davis, from the Department of History at the University of Warwick, carried out 160 interviews with women of all ages and from all backgrounds to explore their experiences of motherhood for her new book, Modern Motherhood: Women and Family in England, 1945-2000....

2009-03-03 11:43:56

Many women say they feel ignorant and ill-equipped to cope with motherhood because they live too far from close family, British researchers said. Dr. Angela Davis of the Centre for the History of Medicine at the University of Warwick interviewed more than 90 women to discuss experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. Geographical mobility means that women today more often live further away from family, which means they are less likely to have relatives on hand, Davis said in a...

2009-03-03 08:45:05

The growing trend to move miles away from hometowns and family for work is leaving many women feeling "Ëœignorant and ill-equipped' to cope with pregnancy and childbirth. According to a University of Warwick study of motherhood, many women do not have the support and advice they need when they have a baby because they live too far from close family. The study also suggests the modern practice of encouraging new mothers to give birth in hospital means women often have no experience...

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