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2009-11-04 12:45:58

Scientists have uncovered new clues about the early stages of the Tyrannosaurus rex's beginnings. A team of British and German researchers studied a fossil held at London's Natural History Museum. They have concluded that the remains, which belong to a dinosaur named Proceratosaurus, may be the earliest known relative of the T. rex. Scientists say Proceratosaurus roamed the earth about 165 million years ago, during the middle Jurassic Period. He stood on two legs, was carnivorous, and would...

2009-01-21 07:30:00

According to researchers, brainpower may have enabled birds to survive in the midst of mass extinction. Dinosaurs were wiped out during the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction 65 million years ago, but birds were able to survive and thrive. Recent analysis of fossil skulls using computer tomography scans shows that modern birds were able to survive the dire conditions due to their well-developed brains. The birds' ability to solve problems gave them a crucial edge. "Birdbrained is a dreadful...

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