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New Road Rage Study Shows What Upsets Drivers Most
2013-01-10 18:38:25

Gandhi said, 'Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Gandhi’s offering is simple enough. I hear people bandy the saying around, but is it really put into practice?

2012-12-20 19:07:38

Toddlers with more developed language skills are better able to manage frustration and less likely to express anger by the time they're in preschool.

2012-12-12 12:23:28

When we’re faced with things that seem threatening, whether it’s a hairy spider or an angry mob, our goal is usually to get as far away as we can.

When Anger And Anxiety Meet
2012-12-05 05:19:44

A Concordia University led study reveals that for millions of individuals around the globe suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anger is more than just a powerful emotion. Anger is an agent that exacerbates their illness.

2012-09-29 23:04:12

With October being National Domestic Violence Month, it’s appropriate to focus on the issue of anger in the workplace.

Childhood Aggression Has Many Causes
2012-09-28 11:07:09

A study from Penn State recently revealed that children are aggressive for different reasons. The findings from the study show that different types of treatment need to be developed for children who have problematic behavior for various causes.

Teen Anger Could Be Something More Than Mere Angst
2012-07-04 11:16:20

A new study is now saying that what every teen experiences during their hormone-riddled and turbulent ages isn’t always a case of teenage angst; It could be Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or IED for short.

2012-06-05 23:00:58

Shannon Munford, anger management expert, celebrates 10 years of business as he balances serving communities and television audiences around the nation. Los

2012-05-21 23:56:53

How good are married couples at recognizing each other's emotions during conflicts?

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