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2010-07-02 09:36:00

GAINESVILLE, Fla., July 2/PRNewswire/ -- What writer doesn't dream of seeing his or her work published? Looking to publish your fiction, nonfiction or poetry, but don't know where to begin? Let published professionals and industry experts show you how at the fourteenth annual Anhinga Writers' Studio 2010 Summer Workshops in Gainesville, July 28-31 at the Hilton University of Florida Hotel and Conference Center.

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2008-04-29 00:14:30

The African Darter (Anhinga rufa), sometimes called the snakebird, is a water bird of tropical sub-Saharan Africa. It is a cormorant-like fish-eating species that occurs in both saline and fresh water. It is a member of the darter family of birds, Anhingidae. It is 31.5 inches long. The male is mainly glossy black with white streaking, but females and immature birds are browner. The African Darter differs in appearance from the American Darter most recognizably by its thin white lateral...

2006-02-21 20:14:57

The Oriental Darter or Indian Darter (Anhinga melanogaster) - sometimes called Snakebird - is a water bird found in tropical southern Asia and Indonesia. It is a cormorant-like species that has a very long neck. It often swims with only the neck above water. It is a fish-eater. The Indian Darter differs in appearance from the African and American darters, most recognizably by its white lateral neck stripe. It builds a nest of sticks in a tree and lays 3-6 eggs. The Oriental Darter is a...

2006-02-21 19:59:39

The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), often referred to as Snakebird, Darter, or American Darter, is a water bird that prefers the warmer parts of North America and South America. It is a cormorant-like bird with an average body length of 85 cm, a wingspan of 117 cm, and a weight of 1350 g. It is a dark-plumaged fish-eater with a very long neck, and often swims with only the neck above water. This is where it gets its name, Snakebird since only the colored neck appears above water, which makes...

2006-02-21 19:08:38

Darters (also called snake birds) are water birds with very long necks and long, straight beaks. They often swim with only the neck above water, and are specialist fish-eaters. Depending on the authority, there are either two or four closely-related species sharing very similar behavior and habitat in the darter family (Anhingidae). The Anhinga of the Americas (Anhinga anhinga) is clearly a good species. However, the Indian, African, and Australian darters can be regarded as either three...

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