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2008-02-19 00:00:00

DENVER - Despite a secretly taped video showing workers at a southern California slaughterhouse abusing sick or crippled animals, nearly all cattle bound for U.S. dinner tables are treated humanely, a cattle industry spokesman said Monday. The undercover video taken at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Co. of Chino, Calif., by the Humane Society of the United States shows workers shocking, kicking and shoving debilitated cattle with forklifts and has led to the largest recall of beef in U.S....

2008-02-18 06:10:00

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a recall yesterday of 143 million pounds of beef from Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. of Chino, California, after the beef was determined to be unfit for human consumption because the cattle did not receive complete and proper inspection.  The recall includes frozen beef products from the company dating back to February 1, 2006.The beef recall is the largest in U.S. history, surpassing a 1999 ban of 35 million pounds of ready-to-eat...

2006-03-10 16:53:13

By Christopher Doering WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. inspectors at one of the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouses accepted meat products as gifts and often were unaware that inhumane slaughter practices were used, according to a U.S. Agriculture Department investigation. The USDA's inspector general also said in the 15-page report that 10 federal inspectors overseeing an Iowa plant operated by AgriProcessors Inc. failed to properly inspect cattle carcasses and report violations....

2006-02-17 12:17:30

By Sophie Walker WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. company shipped veal to Japan that contained banned spinal column because the exporter and inspector were not sufficiently familiar with the requirements of the new export program, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said on Friday. The veal was shipped by Atlantic Veal and Lamb and supplied by Golden Veal, both of which were certified on January 6. U.S. Agriculture Department personnel confirmed at that time that both understood...

2005-11-22 03:35:00

By Christopher Doering WASHINGTON -- U.S. poultry slaughter methods are cruel and raise the risk of consumers contracting a foodborne illness, the Humane Society of the United States said in a lawsuit that seeks to ensure birds are unconscious before being slaughtered. U.S. industry practices include hanging live birds upside down in metal shackles, then moving them through an electrified water bath that paralyzes them while still conscious, the lawsuit claimed. The slaughter plant treatment...

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