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Questions Remain As Anonymous, Zetas Showdown Ends
2011-11-06 05:40:24

Members of the hacker group Anonymous say that they have abandoned plans to expose members of the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas, various media outlets reported Saturday. However, there are conflicting reports over which side can claim victory in the standoff. Anonymous posted a video Friday claiming that they would publish the names, photographs and addresses of Zetas supporters and accused the drug gang of kidnapping one of the collective's associates in the Mexican state of Veracruz....

Anonymous Exposes Almost 200 Internet Child Pedophiles
2011-11-03 12:46:40

The notorious hacking group Anonymous said on Wednesday that it published the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of nearly 200 visitors to child pornography forums. The hacking group said in a statement that it was exposing the IP addresses as part of a campaign it called "Operation Darknet." Most of the IP addresses of visitors to child port sites exposed by Anonymous were in the U.S., but some were also located in Europe, Latin America and other areas. Anonymous claimed it captured...

Anonymous Takes Down Child Pornography Sites
2011-10-24 11:34:39

The hacker group Anonymous busted a collection of child pornography Web sites and published the names of those who have participated in its illegal activities. The hacking group used a brute force attack to infiltrate a server called Freedom Hosting, which housed about 40 child porn sites. The biggest site, Lolita City, contained over 100 gigabytes worth of content. Anonymous said before taking down the sites that it issued a warning to Freedom Hosting to remove the illegal content....

Four More Arrested With Ties To Notorious Hacker Groups
2011-09-02 13:35:50

  Four more people, allegedly involved with the hacker groups Anonymous and LulzSec, have been arrested by the UK police. The arrests are part of a wider operation involving U.K. law enforcement and the FBI.  Authorities around the world have been rounding up suspects following a wave of attacks by both groups on major corporations and government institutions. Amazon, PayPal, the CIA, U.S. Senate and the U.K.'s Serious Organized Crime Agency have suffered either...

2011-08-11 09:55:00

Anonymous members went to pains this week to distance themselves from threatening a cyber attack against Facebook that is reportedly supposed to take place on Guy Fawkes Night in November. The proposed attack, dubbed "ËœOperation Facebook' by the elusive hacker group, was also decried by yet other members of the same collective who spoke out against the proposed attack. It seems that being a disorganized and elusive group can lend itself to mixed signals being broadcast. A lack of...

2011-08-10 10:30:00

A Twitter message claiming to be from the shadowy Web hacker group Anonymous says the group is planning to destroy Facebook on November 5th, charging that Facebook has been providing information to governments as well as describing it as "the opposite of the Antisec cause." "Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world," says the hacktivists in an associated...

2011-07-31 06:05:00

Hundreds of megabytes of documents have been swiped from a US government contractor by hackers affiliated with the group Anonymous, various media outlets reported on Friday. According to Diane Bartz of Reuters, members of the organization said via Twitter that they had broken into the network of Mantech International Corporation, and posted correspondence between the group and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as evidence of the activity. Bartz notes that Mantech offers cyber...

2011-07-28 04:45:00

A 19-year-old British man was arrested on Wednesday in Scotland as part of an investigation into the hacking groups Anonymous and LulzSec. The man, who authorities believe used the online nickname "ËœTopiary', is suspected of being a prominent player in a number of cyber attacks by the two hacking collectives. The groups have claimed responsibility for breaking into the networks of the CIA, Sony and many other private and public websites. Scotland Yard's cybercrime unit made the...

2011-07-25 13:15:00

The hacker group Anonymous has released gigabytes of secret documents stolen from an Italian cybercrime unit. The 8 gigabytes of data has allegedly been taken from the network of the Italian CNAIPIC, which oversees the country's critical IT infrastructure. Anonymous said on its Twitter account that it received the files from a "source." The attack on CNAIPIC is thought to be in retaliation for the arrest of Italian members of Anonymous. Links to the first few files stolen from CNAIPIC were...

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