Latest Ansari X Prize Stories

2007-11-28 14:47:34

GOLDEN, Colo. -- From a new array of space-enabled technologies to the emerging commercial market for passenger space travel, the commercialization of next-generation space enterprises appears to be well under way.

2006-10-18 15:35:00

Now that she's learned to walk in gravity again, American space tourist Anousheh Ansari has some things to take care of on Earth: developing a new company, promoting science and space travel, and spending time with her family.

2006-10-05 00:15:00

The people who spurred private spaceflight with a $10 million prize are doing the same for personalized medicine. The X Prize Foundation is offering $10 million to the first company that can process the genetic codes of 100 people in just 10 days - an advancement that experts say is still at least five years away.

2006-05-05 19:05:00

NASA said Friday it is sponsoring a $2 million contest to spur aerospace designers to build and demonstrate versatile rockets that may one day support a lunar mission.

2006-02-18 10:21:10

A day after Space Adventures announced it was in a venture to develop rocket ships for suborbital flights, the company said Friday it plans to build a $265 million spaceport in the United Arab Emirates.

2006-02-17 07:00:20

A company that has sent three space tourists into orbit has partnered with an investment firm founded by major sponsors of the Ansari X Prize to develop rocket ships for suborbital flights.

2005-10-10 06:30:51

Several thousand space enthusiasts swarmed to the city's airport for a glimpse of a future in which you might just as easily book a rocket to space as you would a plane to Las Vegas.

2005-10-05 18:35:57

The first private space ship took its place Wednesday next to Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, a hoped-for symbol of a new era of space tourism alongside the icon of trans-Atlantic flight.

2005-10-06 01:25:00

The first privately built craft to fly into space became a museum piece on Wednesday, as its creators aim for an eight-seat vehicle to carry passengers to "that beautiful black sky."

2005-03-10 11:47:13

The Smithsonian Institution is honoring the crew of a private spaceship, Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and aviation legend Burt Rutan with the 2005 National Air and Space Museum Trophy for Current Achievement.

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