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Nanuqsaurus hoglundi
2014-03-13 09:43:11

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The reexamination of a dinosaur skull found in Alaska has revealed that it may have belonged to a “smaller cousin” of Tyrannosaurs Rex – not a completely distinct species as originally believed. According to a report on the examination published on Wednesday in the journal PLoS ONE, the skull belonged to a lineage of theropods, or “beast feet,” dinosaurs that includes T. Rex. With most T. Rex fossils coming from temperate...

How Did Duck Billed Dinosaurs Get Through Dark, Polar Winters?
2012-04-12 06:21:02

Researchers from the University of Cape-Town, the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, and Temple University have discovered that duck-billed dinosaurs endured long, dark polar winters. These dinosaurs lived within Arctic latitudes approximately 70 million years ago, and rather than migrating south for the harsh winters, they simply stayed put. The paper, entitled “Hadrosaurs Were Perennial Polar Residents,” was published in the journal The Anatomical Record: Advances in...

2005-07-06 08:11:46

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - A newly discovered fossilizedfootprint shows that dinosaurs once roamed in what is nowAlaska's Denali National Park and Preserve, scientists said. The footprint, estimated to be 70 million years old, wasfound on June 27 near a campground 35 miles west of the parkentrance, the National Park Service said. It was the firstevidence of dinosaurs ever found in Denali, one of Alaska's toptourist destinations. The three-toed track, 6 inches (15 cm) wide and 9...

2005-07-06 03:27:44

ANCHORAGE (Reuters) - A recently discovered fossilizedfootprint shows that dinosaurs once roamed in what is now anational park in Alaska, scientists said on Tuesday. The footprint, estimated to be 70 million years old, wasdiscovered on June 27, the first evidence of dinosaurs everfound in Denali National Park and Preserve, the National ParkService said. The find was made by a University of Alaska Fairbanksstudent attending a field camp in the park. The three-toed track, six inches wide...

2005-07-05 20:18:43

ANCHORAGE -- A track from a three-toed dinosaur thought to be about 70 million years old was discovered in Denali National Park by a University of Alaska Fairbanks student. The track from a theropod, a meat-eater, is the first dinosaur evidence found in the park, and caused its first paleontology closure. The track was found near the park road 35 miles from the park entrance close to the Igloo Campground. Anthony Fiorillo, curator of earth sciences at the Dallas Museum of Natural History,...

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