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2012-04-10 12:14:00

Study explores how men's mental faculties continue to respond to their physical strength and fighting ability Fighting ability, largely determined by upper body strength, continues to rule the minds of modern men, according to a new study´ by Aaron Sell from Griffith University in Australia and colleagues. Their work explores the concept that human males are designed for fighting, and shows how this fighting ability drives both their behavior and attitudes to a range issues, including...

2012-04-04 23:01:50

Kathryn Rose, CEO and Laura Rubinstein, President of content syndication community, Social Buzz Club along with Lena West, CEO of InfluenceExpansion.com announce an alliance to bring content syndication services to the members of the Influence Expansion Academy. San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2012 “We are excited to introduce the Social Buzz Club to our members,” says West. “Expanding your influence has everything to do with two things: 1) how much quality content you...

2012-04-02 11:13:48

It seems that “Lucy” was not the only hominin on the block in northern Africa about 3 million years ago. A team of researchers that included Johns Hopkins University geologist Naomi Levin has announced the discovery of a partial foot skeleton with characteristics (such as an opposable big toe bone) that don´t match those of Lucy, the human ancestor (or hominin) known to inhabit that region and considered by many to be the ancestor of all modern humans. The discovery is...

2012-04-01 23:00:28

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2012-03-29 07:08:23

A 3.4-million-year-old fossil foot found in eastern Ethiopia appears to settle a long-standing debate about whether there was just one line of hominins 3 to 4 million years ago, scientists said on Wednesday. The fossil record for that period had been virtually limited to the species Australopithecus afarensis, the early human ancestor made famous by the 3.2-million-year-old Lucy skeleton. However, research on the new specimen, which was found in February 2009 in an area locally known as...

2012-03-10 11:00:00

European Wax Center North Miami Beach Announces Free Wax offer to first-time guests North Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 10, 2012 European Wax Center North Miami Beach is proud to announce a very special Free Wax Offer for any new guests at European Wax Center. Men can come in and get a complimentary eyebrow, ear, or nose waxing, and women that are first-time guests can also receive a bikini line, eyebrow, or underarm waxing absolutely free. Men and Women interested in body waxing in...

Unearthed Burial Grounds Provide Look Into Slave Trade
2012-03-11 06:05:15

A slave burial ground in St Helena has been unearthed and discovered by archeologists from the University of Bristol. The burial ground was discovered in the South Atlantic Island as construction for a new airport and roads continues. Archeologists now look to the burial ground to tell the story of the Middle Passage during the Atlantic slave trade. St Helena is located 1,000 miles off the eastern shore of Africa. The island became famous for being a landing place for many freed slaves...

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2013-10-02 13:00:50

Primatology is the study of primates that focuses on their behaviors and possible evolution. Those who practice this science, known as primatologists, focus on primates in the wild and in laboratory settings. There are many different sub-divisions of primatology that differ based on methodology and theory, but the two major branches are Western primatology and Japanese primatology. There share basic principles, but differ culturally and in many other regards. Western primatology originated...

2013-09-30 13:29:48

Zooarchaeology is the study of animal remains including shells, bones, hides, scales, DNA, chitin, and hair. Shells and bones are most frequently studied because these do not decay at a fast rate, but most remains do not survive because they break or decompose. In eastern areas of North America, Zooarchaeology developed over three periods. The first, known as the Formative period, occurred in the 1860s and was not a specific area of study at that time. The second period, known as the...

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