Latest Anti-Personnel Mine Stories

2012-08-09 00:54:06

With the best explosive detectors often unable to sniff out the tiny amounts of TNT released from terrorist bombs in airports and other public places, scientists are reporting a potential solution. Their research in ACS' journal Analytical Chemistry describes development of a device that concentrates TNT vapors in the air so that they become more detectable. Yushan Yan and colleagues point out that TNT and other conventional explosives are the mainstays of terrorist bombs and the...

2009-12-22 14:30:00

A team of European researchers has devised a method for locating plastic anti-personnel mines, which are manufactured to avoid detection by metal detectors. The technique involves analyzing the temperature of the ground in three dimensions using specific software and hardware, according to a study published in the journal Computers & Geosciences. "Detecting anti-personnel mines is a very important and costly area of humanitarian work, and uncovering plastic mines is particularly hard,...

2009-02-27 14:52:00

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On the tenth anniversary of the treaty banning antipersonnel landmines, the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines calls on President Barack Obama to work for Senate ratification of the treaty this year. "U.S. accession to the Mine Ban Treaty would be a low-cost gesture of diplomatic goodwill with both humanitarian and practical benefits," said Lora Lumpe, coordinator of the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines. "This treaty has saved thousands of lives and...

2008-07-22 09:00:55

More than 6.5 million square meters land of Afghanistan cleaned up from explosive devices: officials KABUL, July 21 (Xinhua) -- The UN-backed de-mining agency Mine Action Program for Afghanistan (MAPA) has cleaned up more than 6.5 million square meters of land from explosive devices over the past six months in Afghanistan, director of the agency Haider Reza said Monday. "In the past six months from January to June 2008 MAPA has cleared 65,361,363 square meters land from explosive devices...

2008-07-21 15:00:48

More than 38,000 land mines have been cleared this year in Afghanistan, one of the most heavily mined countries in the world, a U.N. official said Monday. The explosive devices removed from the Afghan landscape in the past six months represent 10 percent of the total number cleared in the past 18 years, Haider Reza, program director of the U.N. Mine Action Center for Afghanistan, said in a news release. More than 4 million Afghans live in areas riddled with land mines, the senior U.N....

2006-03-14 08:53:46

KABUL (Reuters) - NATO peacekeepers in Afghanistan have found the biggest weapons cache in recent years including 80 tonnes of TNT and 25,000 landmines, a NATO force spokeswoman said on Tuesday. The cache was handed over to authorities in Sheberghan, in the Afghan north, under a drive to disarm illegal armed groups, said a spokeswoman for the NATO-led peacekeeping force, Commander Sue Eagles. The weapons were stored underground in old Soviet bunkers. An initial survey indicated one...

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