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Russian Satellite Nailed By Chinese Space Debris, Orbit Affected
2013-03-12 14:50:23

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Besides ruining the appearance of a landscape, litterbugs contribute to unsanitary and unsafe conditions, resulting in many communities issuing steep fines for anyone caught tossing their trash where it doesn´t belong. A recent event involving a Russian satellite suggests that we may have to take our approach to litterbugs and apply it to outer space as well. According to a report from the Colorado-based Analytical Graphics,...

2010-11-10 13:30:00

Space analysts say that China has pulled off a tricky and uncommon feat in space flight, maneuvering one of its satellites to about 300 yards within another while they were orbiting Earth. Some analysts say that this new feat could show China's ability to carry out a hostile act against a rival satellite in space. China has not said why it conducted the August maneuver, but it comes as the nation is ambitiously expanding it space program.  The country's space program is expected to...

2009-03-06 12:45:00

A deputy defense minister said Thursday that Russia is working towards developing anti-satellite weapons to match efforts by other nations. According to Russian news reports, Gen. Valentin Popovkin said that while the country continues to oppose a space arms race, it would respond to moves made by other countries. Popovkin was quoted as saying: "We can't sit back and quietly watch others doing that, such work is being conducted in Russia." He added that Russia already has some "basic, key...

2009-02-27 11:45:00

The head of the Pentagon's Strategic Command said on Friday that no debris remains in space after last year's U.S. destruction of an errant spy satellite loaded with toxic hydrazine fuel, Reuters reported. Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton, the command's chief, said some of the debris caused when China used a ground-based ballistic missile to destroy one of its defunct weather satellites will stay in orbit for another 80 or 90 years, so there was no reason for concern over the U.S. operation....

2008-10-17 08:05:00

Congress has approved a $5 million study of space-based missile defenses. This is the first time the development of space weapons will be considered since similar work was canceled in the 1990s. "Approval of the study highlights the need to provide comprehensive protection from the growing threat of missile attack and to limit the vulnerability of vital satellites to attack," said Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican and a key supporter of missile defenses. Kyl told the senate: "We have the...

2008-10-01 15:00:00

By John Fleck Journal Staff Writer A Sandia Labs team helped the Navy figure out how to successfully shoot down a faltering spy satellite last February, officials revealed Tuesday. Researchers specializing in computer simulations of nuclear weapons performance used their skills and Sandia's massive Red Storm supercomputer to help the Navy determine the best way to safely shoot down the satellite, officials at the National Nuclear Security Administration in Washington, D.C., said in a...

2008-09-20 05:05:00

A top U.S. think tank said China anti-satellite capabilities makes it extremely important for Washington to work with Beijing to avoid an arms race in space. The Council on Foreign Relations report is called, "China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security." It urges the next U.S. administration to change its policy for "an era where space is a potentially far more contested domain than in the past, with few rules."The report noted that China destroyed of one of its defunct weather satellites in...

2008-03-20 00:00:00

Commanders of the U.S. Navy's mission to shoot down a malfunctioning spy satellite last month said there was no substantial new space debris created.  Rear Admiral Alan Hicks, head of the Pentagon's Aegis ballistic missile defense program, said all but small pieces of debris had burned upon re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere.  "We thought there would be much larger pieces," he said. Hicks' made the announcement during a briefing at an annual conference of the U.S. Navy...

2008-02-26 09:01:16

Pentagon analysis indicates satellite fuel tank hit WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- The Department of Defense announced here on Monday that based on debris analysis, officials are confident the missile intercept and destruction of an out-of-control spy satellite, achieved the objective of destroying the toxical fuel tank. A modified tactical SM-3 missile was launched by the USS Lake Erie, positioned northwest of Hawaii, at 10:26 p.m. EST on Feb. 20,to shoot down the defunct satellite....

2008-02-22 09:05:00

The unprecedented downing of an errant spy satellite by a Navy missile makes clear that the Pentagon now has a new weapon in its arsenal: an anti-satellite missile adapted from the nation's missile defense program. While the dramatic intercept took place well below the altitude where most satellites orbit, defense and space experts said Wednesday night's first-shot success strongly suggests that the military has the technology and know-how to knock out satellites at much higher orbits. The...

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