Latest Antifreeze protein Stories

2009-12-15 07:24:15

Scientists have identified a novel antifreeze molecule in a freeze-tolerant Alaska beetle able to survive temperatures below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

2009-11-24 08:48:11

Insects exposed to subzero temperatures can adapt to the extreme climate to survive freezing temperatures, but until now, antifreeze molecules had not been isolated from freeze-tolerant animals.

2009-06-19 11:08:14

A powerful frost resistant made from beetle juice could prove invaluable as a de-icing coating on aircraft wings, Danish researchers said. Genes from the Longhorn beetle, common in Northern Europe, can be used to produce an artificial protein that acts as a natural antifreeze and mixes easily with paints

2008-01-17 07:49:31

A few sharp ice crystals ruin ice cream's silky texture, as all connoisseurs know.

2005-10-20 13:45:09

By Julie Mollins TORONTO (Reuters) - Tiny fleas that survive on fungus found under a blanket of snow contain a unique antifreeze that could have implications for farming or transplant surgery, Canadian researchers said on Wednesday.