Latest Antinatalism Stories

2012-10-09 22:30:24

Women who choose to be permanently childfree perceive more social pressures to become mothers than other women, but feel less distress about not having kids than women who are childless from infertility or other reasons.

2012-07-23 23:00:27

No Way Baby! by Karen Foster cautions against modern-day American motherhood. Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 23, 2012 A growing number of American women are

UK Study: More Childless Women In Their 40s Than A Generation Ago
2011-12-17 06:50:11

According to the Office of National Statistics, women are having fewer children and at an older age than a generation ago.

2008-12-02 07:25:00

ORO VALLEY, Ariz., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2008 Schopenhauer International Literary Award recipient is Glynn E.

2004-11-29 15:00:13

So who is more selfish: a 56-year-old life coach who gives birth to twins using in vitro fertilization and donor eggs, or a woman who is childless by choice? And what does your answer - who is more selfish - say about you? When I posed the question the other day, the women in the manicure salon voted for the mother who "bought" her children.