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First Dinosaur Fossils In Saudi Arabia
2014-01-07 14:02:25

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online "An international team of scientists have discovered the first record of dinosaurs in Saudi Arabia. Researchers from Uppsala University, Museum Victoria, Monash University and the Saudi Geological Survey said they discovered a string of vertebrae from the tail of a huge "Brontosaurus-like" dinosaur in the desert. Finding dinosaur fossils in the Arabian Peninsula is exceptionally rare, so the latest finding reported in the journal PLOS...

2013-06-29 23:01:36

theFamilyTravelFiles has unveiled a new family vacation folder dubbed Dino Trips loaded with details about the best places in the U.S. and Canada to see old bones, dig for fossils, and learn more about pre historic times when dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and saber tooth tigers populated the planet. Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) June 29, 2013 For more fun on your family vacation just add a dinosaur or maybe two and wait for the squeals, shouts, smiles and non-stop questions to begin. The new...

Brontosaurus Was Never A Real Dinosaur: The Great Switcheroo
2012-12-22 06:48:45

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The Brontosaurus has been one of the most well-known dinosaurs in popular culture for more than a hundred years. It has been portrayed in books, on TV, and in cinema and has also had its likeness put on a US postage stamp in 1989, albeit with a good dose of controversy and criticism. And while the Brontosaurus has been a mainstay in popular culture for decades, the actual use of the word Brontosaurus was discarded by science...

2010-11-01 10:13:57

Tracks of a Running Bipedal Baby Brontosaur? Staff at the Morrison Natural History Museum have again discovered infant dinosaur footprints in the foothills west of Denver, near the town of Morrison. Dating from the Late Jurassic, some 148 million years ago, these tracks were made before the Rocky Mountains rose, when Morrison was a broad savanna full of dinosaurs. The fossil tracks represent infant sauropods, according to discoverer Matthew Mossbrucker, the museum's director. Sauropods are...

2010-03-02 09:10:00

The remains of an extraordinary fossil unearthed in 67 million-year old sediments from Gujarat, western India, provide a rare glimpse at an unusual feeding behavior in ancient snakes. An international paleontological team led by the University of Michigan's Jeff Wilson, and the Geological Survey of India's Dhananjay Mohabey, publish their discovery this week in the open-access journal PLoS Biology. The remains of a nearly complete snake were found preserved in the nest of a sauropod dinosaur,...

2009-11-11 12:45:00

Scientists on Wednesday announced the discovery of a new dinosaur species in South Africa. Experts say Aardonyx Celestae roamed the Earth about 197 million years ago and is probably an ancestor to the brontosaurus. A team of post-graduate students from Witswatersrand University in Johannesburg made the discovery during a dig in the central Free State province of South Africa. "We knew that there were likely to be some fossils in these bone beds... but we did not expect to find anything of...

2009-06-22 06:03:40

The largest animals ever to have walked the face of the earth may not have been as big as previously thought, reveals a paper published today in the Zoological Society of London's Journal of Zoology. Scientists have discovered that the original statistical model used to calculate dinosaur mass is flawed, suggesting dinosaurs have been oversized. Widely cited estimates for the mass of Apatosaurus louisae, one of the largest of the dinosaurs, may be double that of its actual mass (38 tons vs....

2009-04-01 09:40:54

A lovingly-held conviction about the long-necked sauropods, the gargantuan dinosaurs adored by their depiction in monster movies and by children, is most in all probability false, a dino expert stated on Wednesday. At the height of the reign of the gentle giant, many sauropods' evolved necks of astonishing length, like the 29.25 feet in the case of the Mamenchisaurus, who lived in the Late Jurassic period 150 million years ago. Belief had held that leviathans operated their long necks like...

2008-08-06 06:00:32

Einstein to attract over 2.3m visitors - 360,000 visitors already seen 140 million year-old dinosaur " Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADIA) has been inundated with visitors flocking to see its 140 million year old resident guest, situated in the Arrivals Hall at Terminal 1. Einstein arrived at the airport on 17 July 2008 and in the first two weeks since in his new home, around 360,000 travellers, residents and visitors have stopped by to examine the 23 metre, 4.5 tonne Apatosaurus...

2008-06-23 06:00:13

By Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune Jun. 23--HANKSVILLE -- An ancient river, which probably dried up one season, only to swirl and surge with monsoonal violence the next, once braided through this area just southeast of what is now Utah's San Rafael Swell. The river must have slowed here, shedding its load of sand, silt, gravel, trees, clams and dinosaur carcasses, dismembered chunks of big lizards that lived 145 to 150 million years ago. Locals had known this area as a boneyard...

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Othniel Charles Marsh
2013-10-14 09:50:48

Othniel Charles Marsh (October 29, 1831 – March 18, 1899) was an American paleontologist, specializing primarily in vertebrates. He is highly renowned as one of the most prominent scientists of his time, having discovered and described dozens of new species. Marsh is also credited with developing what is currently the most widely accepted theory of the origin of birds. Marsh was born in Lockport, New York, to a family of moderate means. Thanks to the generosity of his uncle, George...

2013-04-28 19:01:46

Supersaurus, meaning “super lizard” is a genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaur that was discovered by Vivian Jones of Delta, Colorado, in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Colorado in the year 1972. The fossil remains came from the Brushy Basin Member of the formation, dating back to about 153 million years ago. It’s among the largest dinosaurs known from good remains, possibly reaching 108 to 112 feet long and around 35 to 40 tons. In most respects, Supersaurus is much like...

2011-09-27 15:00:16

Diplodocus, meaning “double beam,” is a genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Period of what is now western North America (about 150 million years ago). The first fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in 1877 by S.W. Williston. Its generic name was coined by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1878. Diplodocus is one of the more common dinosaur fossils found in the Upper Morrison Formation, a sequence of shallow marine and alluvial sediments deposited about 150 million...

2009-08-12 13:33:32

Camarasaurus, meaning "chambered lizard" (chambered referring to holes in its vertebrae), was a genus of quadrupedal, herbivorous dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Period 155 to 145 million years ago. It was first found in 1877 when a few scattered vertebrae were discovered in Colorado by Oramel W. Lucas. The bones were sold to Edward Drinker Cope and named by him later that year. A more complete fossil was discovered in 1925 by Charles W. Gilmore. The Morrison Formation, along the eastern...

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