Latest Appendicectomy Stories

2012-06-27 17:33:49

Obese patients who need to have their appendixes removed fare better after a minimally invasive surgical procedure rather than an open operation.

2012-05-08 23:02:52

Author and adhesion activist Karen Steward today announced that Angela Patterson of Hillsborough, New Jersey had adhesion surgery in Germany with Dr.

2012-04-30 14:20:15

Removing a child's ruptured appendix sooner rather than later significantly lowers hospital costs and charges.

2012-04-17 10:40:18

Anaesthetists have identified a major shortfall in funding for emergency laparotomies in England and have called for a national database to establish a more accurate picture of outcomes and costs.

2012-04-10 05:04:52

There's now a safe and viable alternative to surgery for patients suffering from appendicitis.

Study: Antibiotics Could Be As Effective As Appendectomy
2012-04-07 04:58:28

Antibiotics could be just as effective as surgery when it comes to treating one type of appendicitis, researchers at the Nottingham Digestive Diseases Center report in a recently-published study.

2012-04-06 11:08:38

Giving antibiotics to patients with acute uncomplicated appendicitis is a safe and viable alternative to surgery.

2012-04-03 09:51:16

Pediatric surgeons can lower health care costs if they remove a young patient’s perforated appendix sooner rather than later.

2011-10-16 21:48:06

An in-hospital delay of appendicitis treatment beyond two days was linked to an increased likelihood of complications, including perforation and abscess formation; longer hospitalization; increased costs; and more rarely, death.

2011-04-28 15:15:29

Findings suggest that nonperforating appendicitis, when the appendix hasn't burst, and nonperforating diverticulitis could be similar diseases that warrant similar treatments.

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