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2013-05-24 23:00:43

Shoppharmacycounter.com (SupplementsToWeightLoss LLC, DBA: PharmaCo Labs) A recent study by research group Harris Interactive found that more than half of America dreads the upcoming bathing suit

2013-05-22 23:14:19

Losing weight using a dietary supplement called Garcinia Cambogia Extract can really help boost your body’s ability to lose weight when compared to relying on simple diet and exercise.

2013-05-21 23:19:27

Phen375 is a fat burning pill that helps reduce weight by burning the fat and sending signals to the brain that tricks the brain by reducing the hunger pangs.

Anti-Appetite Hormone In Brain Negatively Affected By Obesity
2013-05-17 07:06:36

Obesity has been found to alter the body in more ways than one. Previous studies have shown that adding too much mass to a body can chemically and genetically alter the body, sending into a sort of downward spiral which can be hard to steer out of.

2013-05-16 23:31:03

A new study indicates that eating more Omega 3’s and less meat and dairy may assist in memory retention, making appetite suppressants such as Prescopodene by Prescopodene Nutritionals helpful

2013-05-15 23:31:10

Research suggests that the later a person eats, the harder time they’ll have losing weight, which means weight loss supplements such as Prescopodene by Prescopodene Nutritionals may be helpful

What Makes Us Crave Those Late Night Snacks?
2013-05-01 04:40:57

While late night commercials for eateries and snack foods no doubt make some people head to the refrigerator, a new study has found that an internal circadian rhythm could be the cause of increased appetite in the evening.

Drive To Overeat Triggered By Key Shift In The Brain
2013-04-30 05:37:17

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition this week has identified a cellular change in the brain that has been linked to obesity.

2013-04-24 23:02:40

Diet Doc released new hCG diet plans that better educate clients on how to lose weight and change unhealthy eating habits without falling victim to the multitude of ineffective dieting myths.

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