Latest Apple Inc. litigation Stories

apple v samsung round two
2014-05-26 10:12:41

On Friday Apple fired another salvo in its continuing court battle with South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung.

2013-10-03 23:25:58

Sulzer & Green PLLC is pleased to announce its formation and immediate commencement of operations.

Apple Asks For Stay On ITC Ban
2013-07-10 10:25:03

Apple has asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for a stay on a ban of their products which is set to begin in just three weeks.

German Court Strikes Down Apple's Data Use Practices
2013-05-08 10:49:48

A German court has ruled Apple’s practices when sharing user information violates their data use policies. The iPhone maker is now prohibited from asking for “global consent” to use customer data, including location.

Apple Denied Ban On Samsung Products
2012-12-18 10:47:06

The news from the Apple vs Samsung battle keeps coming as Judge Koh last night rejected Apple’s request to ban a host of Samsung devices.

Apple Loses Delaware Patent Suit
2012-12-13 16:56:09

Apple lost a patent infringement lawsuit today in Delaware after a federal jury found that the iPhone had misused patents belonging to a “patent portfolio licensor.”

Apple And HTC Reach A Global Settlement
2012-11-12 09:52:39

Apple yesterday announced a move towards patent peace with Taiwanese handset maker HTC. In a brief press release, the iPhone maker acknowledged the 2 companies had reached a global settlement as well as a 10-year licensing agreement.

2012-08-24 19:12:06

Apple and Samsung have been embroiled in a battle, but after numerous headlines and court dates, the jury has decided to rule in favor of the iPhone maker.

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