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What New Apple Seeds Will Be Planted Today?
2012-06-11 07:05:10

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Apple to announce new software, maybe new hardware at today´s WWDC keynote UPDATE (06.11.12, 09:40): As I expected, Apple´s online store has just gone down ahead of today´s WWDC announcements. To those uninitiated in the ways of Apple, they take their entire store offline whenever they get ready to announce new products – or just to perform basic maintenance. As such, taking the store down is a bit of an admission that we will see...

Applesauce: All Things Apple
2012-06-09 06:39:41

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Welcome to a very special episode of Applesauce. WWDC is right around the corner – should the weekend be a corner to be rounded – and the internet is abuzz with excitement. For those of us unable to make the pilgrimage to the beautiful Bay area, following along on the various tech-themed blogs and news sources will simply have to suffice. Seeing as this is a developers conference, it´s likely not too much news will be coming from...

Tim Cook Promises To Double Down On Secrecy, Siri
2012-05-30 03:21:28

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Apple CEO Tim Cook just wrapped up his interview at this year´s All Things D conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal´s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The event kicked off the D Conference, which is taking place this week in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The late Steve Jobs was subjected to the “hot seat” before, and as it turns out, the new CEO of the world´s largest and most valuable tech company in the world is a good...

2012-05-28 23:02:58

Expands the capability of converting video and DVD into 1080P HD video and multilingual languages support. (PRWEB) May 27, 2012 iFunia Studio, a professional developer of Mac multimedia applications, announced today the release of version 3.7.0 update for its Mac DVD Ripper Family and Mac Video Converter Family. The Mac product family helps consumers to convert DVDs and multimedia files to files compatible with many popular mobile and personal multimedia devices. Version 3.7.0 features a...

Applesauce: All Things Apple
2012-05-26 08:42:45

Michael Harper for Redorbit.com Apple made news across a broad spectrum of headlines this week. They´ve continued their battle in court against Samsung, stubbornly refusing to cede power or control. It´s interesting enough, if you´re the kind of person who is into long, drawn-out legal proceedings with multiple outcomes stemming from pages and pages of documents. So far, this case has played out like a grown-up “He Said, She Said,” as the two tech titans take...

The Rumored Apple TV
2012-05-25 09:47:26

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Here´s the problem with a company as secretive as Apple: We never know what to expect. They never announce their plans, never hint towards their next move, never offer so much as a wink and a nod. And we go crazy over it. So, we, the Apple curious and faithful, are left with not much more than a single quote from a biography released just weeks after Steve´s death to try and unravel what Apple´s next “big thing” is. They...

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