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The Rumored Apple TV
2012-05-25 09:47:26

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Here´s the problem with a company as secretive as Apple: We never know what to expect. They never announce their plans, never hint towards their next move, never offer so much as a wink and a nod. And we go crazy over it. So, we, the Apple curious and faithful, are left with not much more than a single quote from a biography released just weeks after Steve´s death to try and unravel what Apple´s next “big thing” is. They...

Applesauce: All Things Apple
2012-05-19 06:04:07

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Pull up a groove and get fabulous, hip kids. It´s time for your weekly serving of Applesauce. Does a new, cuddlier, friendlier, greener Apple exist? Without giving way to the notion of “Steve´s gone, everything´s different now,” I think it´s possible Tim Cook is finally making this his Apple, the way he wants it to look. After all, Steve´s Apple never would have been (allegedly) willing to settle with Proview in China....

Turns Out Foxconn Didn't Break The News About A New Apple TV
2012-05-15 08:44:34

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com It seemed unbelievable at first when news broke over the weekend that a Foxconn CEO had “officially” announced the new, rumored Apple TV device. To those who have been following Apple for any length of time, such a story reeked of something fishy. Now, Foxconn has written an official statement to The Next Web saying they absolutely did not confirm an Apple TV was in the works. In the written statement, Foxconn has said their CEO, Terry Gou,...

Will Photo Sharing Come To iCloud?
2012-05-15 08:32:58

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Much has been written about iCloud ever since Apple introduced it last fall. The cloud-based service is meant to keep Macs in sync with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches automatically. However, for all iCloud does well, many still consider it an incomplete service. Now, as WWDC 2012 draws nearer, the Wall Street Journal, suspected purveyor of controlled Apple leaks, is reporting that Apple plans to revamp and push iCloud even harder than before. According...

Did Foxconn Just Admit To The Rumored Apple TV?
2012-05-14 12:12:49

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com It´s been the most hotly debated Apple rumor since the iPad and the iPhone, and so far the talk has refused to die down. It´s the Apple Television Set, or the new Apple TV, or the somewhat predictable and shudder-worthy “iTV,” and ever since Steve Jobs mentioned in his biography that he had finally “cracked it,” meaning he had figured out a way to revolutionize the television and broadcast industries, it's been the...

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