Latest Apple TV Stories

Tim Cook Offers A Peek At Apple’s Future, Remarks On Current Concerns
2012-02-15 09:25:20

New Apple CEO Tim Cook has had his hands full since he took over the reins of the world´s most-watched company last year. Earlier this week, however, he appeared on stage at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco to take part in a wide-ranging discussion about the company and where it may be focusing its attention next. Although traditionally tight-lipped about its future, Cook took the opportunity to assess Apple´s cultural responsibilities,...

Apple Prepping To Take Over Your Home Television Next
2012-02-08 11:21:51

The company who makes a habit of turning the world upside down will be focusing next on the television industry. Up until now, Apple´s television-related product efforts have been limited to a $99 device called Apple TV, which has long been called a “hobby” by Apple executives but allows streaming iTunes music and video as well as Netflix, MLB.com and YouTube content to play on your home television. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died Oct. 5, had said in an interview...

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