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2013-05-14 23:01:26

Fun starting to read activities have been released on Kids Activities Blog. The phonics activities get the kids to read while playing fun games. Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 14, 2013 Fun starting to read activities have been released on Kids Activities Blog. The phonics activities sneak in lots of great reading practice while playing fun games. The kids will have a blast with these fun games. They increase phonemic awareness and start the kids on the right reading path. The fun reading activities...

2013-05-13 23:29:31

As it turns out, the rise in gadgets designed or used as ebook readers has had a significant effect on peoples' reading habits. Consequently, speed reading becomes even more important as well, and the 7 Speed Reading development team at eReflect welcomes the results of studies showing the correlation between the two. New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 13, 2013 The campaign to read has been on an upswing even more in the past couple of years, especially with the advent of ebook reading devices....

2013-05-09 23:37:40

Speed Reading Techinques.org has proclaimed eReflect´s 7 Speed Reading tutorial software as the best there is with its well-designed and comprehensive module for speed reading. New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 09, 2013 eReflect´s 7 Speed Reading software continues to impress discerning consumers all over, and the recent 2013 release of the package only confirms this. Speed Reading Techniques.org recently ranked the software in first place after conducting an in-depth review and...

2013-04-16 15:35:05

Playing simple games using words and pictures can help people to learn a new language with greater ease, researchers from The University of Nottingham have shown. Their study, published by the scientific journal PLOS ONE, revealed that using fun, informal ways of learning not only helped complete novices to acquire a new language but also made more traditional methods of language learning more effective. PhD student Marie-Josée Bisson of the University´s School of...

Why The Brain Can Still Make Sense Of Words With Jumbled Letters
2013-03-15 22:56:11

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The human brain has an amazing ability to decode letters on a page that have been all jumbled up. Sentences like "tihs is ofetn misseplled" can be read, despite all the misspellings of the words, and researchers in the UK set out to find out why. Readers need to identify the letters in words, as well as accurately code the positions of those letters in order to distinguish between words like CAT and ACT. However, readers are able...

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  • Nautical, the visiting and carousing of sailors in the Greenland ships.
This word is apparently from a confusion of two similar Dutch words: 'mallemerok,' a foolish woman, and 'mallemok,' a name for some persons among the crew of a whaling vessel.