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2008-07-20 18:00:23

After leaving the famous Production Company 'Rotana,' opting for private production, the Lebanese artist Madline Matar has taken new and courageous steps to build her career. She has become more popular amongst her Arab fans. As for her music, Madline's songs "Bahibak Wa Adari" (Love You And Make Excuses) and "Betlawan Leeh Alayah" (Why You Color On Me) were very successful. She has been offered roles in several films and signed a contract with the Egyptian producer Al Sabki for her...

2008-07-05 03:00:15

The famous Egyptian actor Samir Sabri, president of the Alexandria Music Festival, was able to convince the great Algerian diva Wardah to return to singing on stage live after an absence that lasted 10 years. The profits of the festival will be donated to children in need and the festival will start its first performance on July 22nd. Wardah will perform a collection of her new and old songs that were written and composed by great and famous poets and musicians. Wardah will also sing songs...

2008-06-27 09:02:46

By TIM CUMMING Anglo-Egyptian Natacha Atlas is back with a nostalgia-tinged set. By TIM CUMMING Natacha Atlas is busy. The Anglo-Egyptian singer is about to launch her first acoustic album, there's a set of Bollywood and Hindi songs in the pipeline, and she has two electric bands to keep on the road. Atlas has been a headlining fixture of the world fusion and global club scene for more than 15 years. She made her name as lead singer and dancer with Trans-Global Underground, while her...

2006-07-12 05:21:53

KUWAIT (Reuters) - Kuwait's new parliament re-elected pro-government lawmaker Jassem al-Kharafi as speaker on Wednesday, voting out a reformist who had led a campaign against electoral fraud. Kharafi, scion of one of Kuwait's biggest and wealthiest merchant families, won 36 votes, beating veteran lawmaker and three-times speaker Ahmed al-Saadoun who got 28 votes. All 50 members of parliament, which is dominated by the opposition, and the 15 members of cabinet voted in secret for the...

2006-04-27 09:39:34

By Caroline Drees, Security Correspondent DEARBORN, Michigan (Reuters) - The U.S. military is struggling to recruit Arab-Americans for its war on terrorism some five years after September 11, with many in the community wary of U.S. foreign policy and fighting wars in the Middle East. Pentagon officials have often bemoaned the shortage of soldiers with Arabic skills that would be invaluable on the ground in Iraq, and could help translate a backlog of captured or intercepted material...

2006-02-12 07:10:00

AMMAN (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein will not go on a hunger strike on Monday, his chief defense lawyer said, retracting an earlier statement that the former Iraqi president was planning to start the protest when his trial resumed. "We have now checked and it seems almost certain that the president no longer plans a hunger strike at least tomorrow as we thought earlier ... though some of his colleagues may," chief lawyer Khalil Dulaimi told Reuters. "The idea was being discussed, but we now have...

2005-12-27 06:40:39

By Mohammed Abbas CAIRO (Reuters) - The Arab world's first regional parliament held its inaugural meeting in Cairo on Tuesday but officials say it could be many years before the new institution gains enough clout to influence events in the region. The 88 members, four from the parliaments or advisory councils of each Arab League member, met at the league's Cairo headquarters for a session addressed by Secretary-General Amr Moussa and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The interim...

2005-12-22 14:41:18

By Saul Hudson WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has suspended publishing a lifestyle magazine aimed at improving America's image abroad among young Arabs, in a further sign of troubled U.S. public diplomacy efforts. The State Department, which sponsors the $4.5 million annual publication and distribution throughout the Arab world of the Arabic-language magazine "Hi," said on Thursday it stopped the presses because it was unclear how widely it was read. A series of studies...

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