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2011-06-16 07:35:00

VALENCIA, Calif., June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien, Inc. will be demonstrating a low-cost LED pocket projector at the InfoComm 2011, Wavien booth #5283, in Orlando, Florida from June 15th to 17th. This projector uses Wavien's proprietary Recycling LED Technology (RLT(TM)) in conjunction with a 0.45" WXGA DLP(TM) from Texas Instruments. Wavien's RLT(TM) system dramatically reduces the number of components required in the illumination section of the projector, thus lowers the cost and...

2011-03-29 07:35:00

LAS VEGAS, March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien, Inc., of Valencia, CA, is demonstrating the next generation of their new RLT(TM)-LED array recycling technology with the latest high-performance Red, Green, and Blue LEDs at CinemaCon 2011 in Las Vegas. These arrays are made by LEDs supplied by Osram Opto and are the next step in a powerful, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solution for Digital Cinema and other large-venue projectors with on-screen-outputs from 6,500 to over 24,000...

2011-01-06 08:14:00

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien, Inc., of Valencia, CA, is demonstrating, for the first time, LED and arc-lamp-based illuminator and projector prototypes with industry-leading performance features including low cost and size, super-high brightness and maintenance-free, long lifetimes. These illuminator prototypes are based on the latest advances in Wavien's Dual Paraboloid Reflector (DPR(TM)) arc-lamp systems and Recycling LED Technology (RLT(TM)). They are being shown to...

2010-08-31 07:45:00

VALENCIA, Calif., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien and TaYih today announced that TaYih Industrial Co., Ltd. has licensed Wavien's Dual Paraboloid Reflector (DPR(TM)) technology for use in ultra-narrow beam, high output search lights. This new search light design produces a high intensity, narrow beam of light while extending lamp lifetime to provide virtually maintenance-free operation. Wavien continues to optimize the system performance and plans to expand the technology into spotlight and...

2010-05-10 07:10:00

VALENCIA, Calif., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien and TaYih today announced that TaYih Industrial Co., Ltd. has licensed Wavien's Premien(TM) LED Recycling technology for use in ultra-narrow beam, high-output tactical LED flashlights. This new design produces over 80% increase in output intensity compared to standard technology. Wavien's Premien Recycling Collar is a very low-cost component that captures the wasted light in conventional LED lighting designs, recycles the light, and directs...

2010-04-28 07:20:00

VALENCIA, Calif., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien, Inc. and Meiloon Industrial Co., Ltd. today announce a joint plan to introduce an Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) projector for the educational and home theatre markets. "Wavien's DPR technology offers a longer lifetime, significantly improved and maintained brightness, and higher efficiency in projection applications when used with ultra high pressure mercury from qualified vendors," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who...

2010-03-16 13:55:00

VALENCIA, Calif., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Wavien, Inc. today announces the introduction of a large-scale 16" Dual Paraboloid Reflector (DPR) lamp platform designed for use with multi-kilowatt xenon lamps for cinema projectors. This larger DPR platform is capable of providing the projection industry with higher lumen output and improved screen brightness for the rapidly growing 3D cinema market. Additionally, testing has shown that Wavien's DPR technology significantly extends the useable...

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2010-09-29 16:52:36

The incandescent light bulb provides a source of electric light through incandescence. The bulb works by passing current through a filament which heats to a temperature that produces light. The glass bulb that contains the filament prevents oxidation of the hot filament. The bulbs are also called electric lamps. Incandescent bulbs come in a various sizes and voltages. They can range from 1.5 volts to 300, require no external regulating equipment and have low manufacturing costs. They work...

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