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dinosaur leg bone
2014-05-18 05:33:12

A 130-foot long, 65-foot tall, 180,000-pound dinosaur believed to have been the largest creature ever to walk the Earth has been discovered by an agricultural worker in Argentina.

Largest Dinosaur Takes Digital Steps
2013-10-31 08:08:29

Researchers have reconstructed one of the world’s largest dinosaurs, allowing the creature to take its first steps in over 94 million years.

Image 1 - North America's Biggest Dinosaur Revealed
2011-12-08 05:56:14

New research from Montana State University's Museum of the Rockies and the State Museum of Pennsylvania has unveiled enormous bones from North America's biggest dinosaur.

2011-03-24 11:10:00

Scientists of the Egidio Feruglio Museum revealed a new type of dinosaur that was discovered in the North Central Province of Chubut – the Leonerasaurus Taquetransis.

2009-10-07 14:15:00

French researchers claim they have uncovered what are likely the biggest dinosaur footprints in the world, left by giant sauropods that may have weighed 40 tons or more.

2009-02-17 10:40:00

A researcher said Monday that scientists have found fossil remains of an omnivorous dinosaur in Argentina, a missing link to the carnivores.

2007-10-16 00:00:00

The skeleton of what is believed to be a new dinosaur species - a 105-foot plant-eater that is among the largest dinosaurs ever found - has been uncovered in Argentina, scientists said Monday.

2006-04-17 17:50:00

Scientists are learning more about what appears to be one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs known, a two-legged beast whose bones were found several years ago in the fossil-rich Patagonia region of Argentina.

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2009-08-04 17:56:57

Argentinosaurus or "silver lizard" is a genus of sauropod dinosaur discovered by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina. It was named for the country in which it was discovered. Argentina is derived from the Latin word argentum, which means "silver". The dinosaur lived between 96 to 94 million years ago, during the Middle Cretaceous Period. Not much of the specimen has been recovered, but enough was found to make an estimate of the actual size of the animal. Gregory S Paul reconstructed the...

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