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2009-11-25 14:25:22

Drug users are well informed about the harms associated with the drugs they use, and perceive alcohol and tobacco to be amongst the most dangerous substances, according to a survey by UCL (University College London) and Imperial College London researchers. The findings, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, suggest that the current system of classifying psychoactive drugs in the UK may need to be revisited. The study, led by Dr Celia Morgan and Professor Valerie Curran at UCL,...

2009-10-28 13:56:00

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- California religious and community leaders, who have witnessed first hand the ravages of drugs on impressionable youth as well as the homeless, sick and mentally ill, gathered today at a press conference to speak out against legalizing marijuana sales and use in California. More than 150 members of a faith-based coalition, representing numerous faiths and religious denominations, were joined by community activists and former drug addicts and...

2008-11-07 15:25:00

One person every hour died of a drug overdose last year in Europe, a monitoring organization said in its annual report. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addition, based in Lisbon, Portugal, said drug use, while still high, remained stable in 2007, even though cocaine use rose in some countries, the EU Observer reported. Concerning drug overdoses, the center said young people were the most vulnerable. "We estimate there are 7,000 to 8,000 drug-induced deaths in Europe per...

2008-09-05 06:00:23

By Janet Kornblum Teenagers and young adults are using fewer street drugs -- cocaine, heroin and marijuana -- than they did in 2002, says a government report out Thursday. Children ages 12 to 17 are using fewer prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. The survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows young adults 18 to 25 are using more prescription drugs illicitly. Use of prescription pain relievers for non-medical purposes in that...

2008-08-24 09:00:35

A war we can't win Re "Struggling with the price of the pot fight," Roger Chesley op- ed, Aug. 16: Marijuana prohibition is a costly failure. Detectives Michael Phillips of Virginia Beach and Jarrod Shivers of Chesapeake did not die as heroes. Rather, they both died as victims of our country's failed war on drugs. The Pilot is absolutely correct to zero-in on "marijuana prohibition" as doing more harm than good. The tragic deaths of two fine police officers who were both recently...

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