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2009-09-10 07:00:00

CINCINNATI, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Febreze(R), the leading home freshening brand, and the National Football League (NFL), announced a sponsorship deal today to provide football fans and moms alike a game plan for freshness. To tackle odors on the field and in the home, Febreze has teamed up with America's "first lady of football" Olivia Manning to share tips and solutions for everything from freshening the home on game day to eliminating sweat odors on sports gear. "I'm excited to...

2009-03-27 07:16:00

BRUSSELS, March 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Gianni Ciserani, President for Procter & Gamble, Western Europe, told an audience of European business leaders that in a world of uncertainty, European consumers could continue to rely on P&G to provide products that delivered great value, performance and sustainability. He said that P&G was investing in products offering reduced environmental footprint and stated that the company will significantly increase targets for its 2012...

2008-12-20 17:01:19

Ariel is said to be one of the luckiest dogs in Australia, traveling in a Louis Vuitton carrier bag and wearing only Gucci collars. Aside from the Maltese terrier cross's $500 Italian dog collars, most of his clothes, accessories and toiletries are bought overseas, The (Melbourne) Herald Sun reported Saturday. They hardly have any nice clothes here. You can get practical clothes but not fashionable ones, said owner Winnie Ng of Victoria. The newspaper said Ariel gets spoon-fed, drinks mineral...

2008-08-29 09:00:43

By Jeff Vice Deseret News According to an old adage, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, "sincerity" doesn't explain why other studios have tried to "flatter" the Walt Disney Co. so many times by imitating the look and style of the studio's most successful animated features. And simply copying the Mouse House's formula isn't as easy as it may sound. It takes memorable stories, first-class animation and top- notch voice talent. You have to make sure that your film...

2007-08-23 15:15:00

This series of images from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope shows how the ring system around the distant planet Uranus appears at ever more oblique (shallower) tilts as viewed from Earth - culminating in the rings being seen edge-on in three observing opportunities in 2007. The best of these events appears in the far right image taken with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 on August 14, 2007. The edge-on rings appear as two spikes above and below the planet. The rings cannot be seen...

2007-04-16 16:55:00

In a paper presented at the National Astronomy Meeting in Preston from 16 - 20 April, Dr Stuart Eves of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited will challenge the orthodox view that the rings around the planet Uranus were first detected during an occultation experiment in 1977. Remarkably, a paper presented to the Royal Society in December 1797 by the then King's Astronomer, Sir William Herschel, (who had discovered Uranus in 1781), includes a description of a possible ring around the planet. Dr...

2006-08-31 12:51:56

This image is a never-before-seen astronomical alignment of a moon traversing the face of Uranus, and its accompanying shadow. The white dot near the center of Uranus' blue-green disk is the icy moon Ariel. The 700-mile-diameter satellite is casting a shadow onto the cloud tops of Uranus. To an observer on Uranus, this would appear as a solar eclipse, where the moon briefly blocks out the Sun as its shadow races across Uranus's cloud tops. Though such "transits" by moons across the disks of...

2006-03-14 08:46:29

By Dan Williams ARIEL, West Bank (Reuters) - Interim Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed on Tuesday never to give up a major Jewish settlement in the heart of the occupied West Bank, a move that might help blunt rightist ire ahead of March 28 elections. Olmert said settlers forced to leave isolated West Bank enclaves under his plan to impose Israel's final borders by 2010 would be moved to Ariel and its environs or other major blocs the Jewish state intends to keep....

2006-02-14 08:03:14

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli court sentenced Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's son to nine months' imprisonment on Tuesday in a campaign funding scandal. But Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court delayed the start of Omri Sharon's jail term for six months, saying it was taking into account the condition of his father, who has been comatose since a January 4 stroke.

2006-01-06 00:20:05

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - There was no change overnight in the condition of Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who is clinging to life on a respirator after a severe stroke, the director of Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital said on Friday. "The night passed without change," Shlomo Mor-Yosef told reporters. "All the parameters that we are measuring... are stable."

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Ariel Atom
2013-11-03 13:28:01

The Ariel Atom is a high performance sports car manufactured by the Ariel Motor Company from Crewkerne, Somerset, England. There have been five models produced as road legal vehicles: the Ariel Atom, Ariel Atom 2, Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom 3.5, and the Ariel Atom 500 V8. There were also Limited Editions manufactured: the Ariel Atom 3 Mugen Limited Edition, with only ten produced, and the Ariel Atom 500 V8 Limited Edition, with only 25 to be produced. Current production models are the Atom 3.5...

2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Oberon -- Oberon is the name of the outermost of the major moons of the planet Uranus; discovered on January 11, 1787 by William Herschel. All of the moons of Uranus are named for characters from Shakespeare or Alexander Pope. Names for the first four discovered moons of Uranus (Oberon, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel) were given by John Herschel, the son of William. Oberon was named after Oberon, the king of the Faeries in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Oberon is composed of...

2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Titania -- Titania is the largest moon of Uranus. Titania was discovered on January 11, 1787 by William Herschel. All of the moons of Uranus are named for characters from Shakespeare or Alexander Pope. Names for the first four discovered moons of Uranus, Oberon, Titania, Ariel and Umbriel, were given by John Herschel, the son of William. Titania was named after Titania, the Queen of the Faeries in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Titania is composed of roughly 50% water...

2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Umbriel -- Umbriel is a moon of Uranus discovered in 1851 by William Lassell. It was named after the 'dusky melancholy sprite' in Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock. Umbriel's surface is the darkest of the Uranian moons, and it is also the least geologically active. It is mostly composed of water ice, with the balance made up of silicate rock and methane ice. Most of its methane ice is on its surface. ----- Discovery Discovered by William Lassell...

2004-10-19 04:45:41

Uranus' moon Ariel -- Ariel is a moon of Uranus discovered in 1851 by William Lassell. Its composition is roughly 50% water ice, 30% silicate rock, and 20% methane ice, and it appears to have regions of fresh frost in places. Largely devoid of impact craters, Ariel appears to have undergone a period of intense geological activity that has produced a huge network of fault canyons and liquid water outflows over its surface. ----- Discovery Discovered by William Lassell...

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