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2008-10-08 12:49:12

The Australian Herring (Arripis georgianus) is one of four species within the Arripis genus. It is found in cooler waters around the southern coast of Australia and possibly New Zealand. It is known as the "Tommy Ruff" in Victoria and South Australia. It closely resembles its cousin, the Australian Salmon. This species of herring is not related to the European Herring family (Clupeidae).

Australian salmon
2007-02-21 17:17:07

Australian salmon are medium-sized perciform marine fish of the small family Arripidae. Four species are recognized, all within the genus Arripis; they are found in the waters off southern Australia (including Tasmania) and New Zealand. Despite the common name, Australian salmon are not related to the salmon (family Salmonidae) of the Northern Hemisphere; the former were named so by early...

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