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2013-02-28 14:14:32

Artery wall thickening already present at birth The walls of the body's major artery - the aorta - are already thickened in babies born to mums who are overweight or obese, finds a small study published online in the Fetal and Neonatal Edition of Archives of Disease of Childhood. Importantly, this arterial thickening, which is a sign of heart disease, is independent of the child's weight at birth - a known risk factor for later heart disease and stroke. And it may explain how...

2011-01-28 09:04:57

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- War veterans who were wounded may be more likely to die from coronary heart disease, according to a new study. Researchers surveyed a group of 55-year-old Finnish World War 2 veterans in 1980 and then followed up on their study 28 years later. During the follow-up period, 140 out of the 412 deaths were due to coronary heart disease. Wounded veterans were 1.7-times more likely to die from coronary heart disease than the comparison group. Researchers also found those who...

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