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2008-09-29 10:25:00

Is it possible to become one of the fastest runners in the world when you are a double leg amputee? This is one of the goals that inspires Ossur, an Icelandic group that was responsible for the prosthetics allowing double-amputee Oscar Pistorius to try to compete in the Beijing Olympics. "What we should do is compared to the real body," said Ossur's Chief Executive Jon Sigurdsson. "And then we see that there is a long way to go. It is a very humbling experience to try to imitate God." In...

2008-08-20 09:01:29

By Edward Wong Far from Beijing and its gathering of Olympic athletes, a small group of people here spends hours each day pushing their own physical limits. Some are missing an arm or a leg. Others lost even more. They are all victims of the earthquake that devastated Sichuan Province in southwest China on May 12, and they are here at a medical center to learn to use prosthetic limbs. Li Chunyang, 16, is one of the children pulled from the rubble of Dongqi Middle School in the town of...

2008-08-01 06:00:14

By Zoe Elizabeth Buck, The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C. Aug. 1--Three years ago, Cassidy Posovsky was a three-legged German shepherd mix hobbling homeless around the Bronx. Thursday morning, he was a medical pioneer getting fitted with a cutting-edge prosthetic that could one day help thousands of veterans and others who lose limbs in trauma. If all goes well, Cassidy's artificial leg will fuse into his bone, and he should be on all fours in months -- paving the way for veterinary...

2008-07-13 18:00:21

By Ty Phillips, The Modesto Bee, Calif. Jul. 13--Theresa Ott stood at the plate with the game on the line. The score was tied 4-4 with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning of a softball game at Shiloh-Paradise park west of Modesto. Ott drew a walk and made her way to first base. On the first pitch to the next batter, Ott stole second base. A few moments later, she stole third. Then the batter struck out but the catcher dropped the ball, prompting the runner to take off for first....

2008-07-02 12:01:11

The Houston Business Journal recently announced that the Amputee and Prosthetic Center is the "Best Place to Work" among Houston-based companies with 1 to 100 employees. The Best Places to Work drew hundreds of nominations from various Houston companies that were impartially evaluated, scored and ranked; of these 40 were chosen to be honored as the best places to work. "Being named as the Best Place to Work in Houston this year after being named 2nd best last year is the pinnacle of our...

2008-06-10 13:35:00

The i-LIMB, the most advanced commercially available prosthetic device anywhere in the world, has beaten three other finalists to win this year's Mac Robert award, Britain's top engineering prize.The technology behind the bionic hand got its start in Scotland in 1963 as part of a project to help children affected by Thalidomide. The sophisticated device became commercially available in July 2007, and has now helped more than 200 people, including U.S. military members who lost limbs during...

2008-06-10 12:50:00

Many amputees have found that their private insurers are setting limits on how much financial coverage they can receive for their prosthetic limbs.After doctors were forced to remove Eileen Casey's right leg due to bone cancer, her insurer refused to provide her with more than $10,000, which was only enough to cover the cost of her temporary limb, not a permanent one."It was shocking to find out I was going to have to take out a loan to buy myself a leg so I could keep working and living...

2008-04-22 10:35:00

A new prosthetic hand is being tested at the Orthopedic University Hospital in Heidelberg / Grip function almost like a natural handIt can hold a credit card, use a keyboard with the index finger, and lift a bag weighing up to 20 kg "“ the world's first commercially available prosthetic hand that can move each finger separately and has an astounding range of grip configurations. For the first time worldwide a patient at the Orthopedic University Hospital in Heidelberg has tested both...

2007-08-22 08:09:52

Combine a mechanical arm with a miniature rocket motor:  The result is a prosthetic device that is the closest thing yet to a bionic arm. A prototype of this radical design has been successfully developed and tested by a team of mechanical engineers at Vanderbilt University as part of a $30 million federal program to develop advanced prosthetic devices. "Our design does not have superhuman strength or capability, but it is closer in terms of function and power to a human arm than any...

2007-06-28 07:25:00

DENVER -- A puppy found hobbling in the Kuwaiti desert has ended up at Colorado State University, where she might be a candidate for an experimental prosthesis that could one day help humans. Sally, a Saluki, was spotted in the desert several months ago by a volunteer with animal welfare group PAWS and taken to a shelter in Kuwait City. It's unclear how the dog was injured. Part of the dog's left hind leg had been severed and a veterinarian in Kuwait wanted to amputate the remaining leg. PAWS...

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