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Neural Networks Imitate Intelligence Of Biological Brains
2014-05-16 03:16:13

National Science Foundation For every thought or behavior, the brain erupts in a riot of activity, as thousands of cells communicate via electrical and chemical signals. Each nerve cell influences others within an intricate, interconnected neural network. And connections between brain cells change over time in response to our environment. Despite supercomputer advances, the human brain remains the most flexible, efficient information processing device in the world. Its exceptional...

2011-07-22 08:30:00

Molecular soup exhibits brainlike behavior Artificial intelligence has been the inspiration for countless books and movies, as well as the aspiration of countless scientists and engineers. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have now taken a major step toward creating artificial intelligence"”not in a robot or a silicon chip, but in a test tube. The researchers are the first to have made an artificial neural network out of DNA, creating a circuit of...

2011-04-02 02:03:23

Artificial neural network model proves accurate in classification study Irrigating agricultural crops places huge demands on water resources around the globe. In Spain for instance, where agriculture is a major contributor to the nation's economy, 85% of country's total water demand comes from the agricultural sector. The excessive use of irrigation water has resulted in serious environmental concerns in Mediterranean countries, where rising demand has deteriorated groundwater resources,...

2010-07-24 06:50:00

British researchers are working to develop new, innovative computers by mimicking the way neurons communicate, in hopes the approach will lead to improvements in visual and audio processing, BBC news reported on Friday. Such enhancements could result in computers that can learn to see or to hear, instead of relying upon sensors. The work is simultaneously helping researchers improve their understanding of how nerve cells operate. "ËœSmart' computing Although artificial neural...

2009-08-26 08:56:33

Computer scientists in Taiwan have devised a neural network program that can successfully classify a computerized music file based on its beat and tempo. The system could be a boon for music archivists with large numbers of untagged recordings and for users searching through mislabeled mp3 libraries. Details of tests on ballroom dancing music are reported this month in the International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems.Mao-Yuan Kao and Chang-Biau Yang of National Sun...

2008-03-08 12:30:00

Insect's sensory data tells a new story about neural networks A group of researchers has developed a novel way to view the world through the eyes of a common fly and partially decode the insect's reactions to changes in the world around it. The research fundamentally alters earlier beliefs about how neural networks function and could provide the basis for intelligent computers that mimic biological processes. In an article published in the Public Library of Science Computational Biology...

2007-07-29 03:19:22

By Chang, Hsu-Hwa Chen, Yan-Kwang; Chen, Mu-Chen Parameter design is the most important phase in the development of new products and processes, especially in regards to dynamic systems. Statistics-based approaches are usually employed to address dynamic parameter design problems; however, these approaches have some limitations when applied to dynamic systems with continuous control factors. This study proposes a novel three-phase approach for resolving the dynamic parameter design problems...

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