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2011-10-13 18:35:50

Grim economic times could cause men to seek more sexual partners, giving them more chances to reproduce, according to research by Omri Gillath, a social psychology professor at the University of Kansas. Men are likely to pursue short-term mating strategies when faced with a threatening environment, according to sexual selection theory based on evolutionary psychology. When made to think about their own death, which mimics conditions of "low survivability," Gillath and his colleagues...

2009-07-07 11:27:35

What's so great about sex? From an evolutionary perspective, the answer is not as obvious as one might think. An article published in the July issue of the American Naturalist suggests that sex may have evolved in part as a defense against parasites. Despite its central role in biology, sex is a bit of an evolutionary mystery. Reproducing without sex"”like microbes, some plants and even a few reptiles"”would seem like a better way to go. Every individual in an asexual...

2006-07-27 07:20:00

SHANGHAI -- Online marriage brokers are common in China, but a young Chinese Web site is thriving by turning the traditional idea of marriage on its head. Called "Marriage for Asexuals" (www.wx920.com), the site claims to be the first and biggest online marriage broker for "asexual" people in China. It says it has attracted 7,000 members since it was launched last year. Its rapid success illustrates the expansion of the Internet in China, the increasingly permissive nature of Chinese society...

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