Latest Aspergillus Stories

2009-02-04 23:36:38

Three families are suing St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Fla., alleging their children died after exposure to a dangerous fungus. Attorney Steve Yerrid said the children, who were being treated for cancer, died of mold-related infections.

2008-12-01 10:37:27

Biologists at The University of Nottingham and University College Dublin have announced a major breakthrough in our understanding of the sex life of a microscopic fungus which is a major cause of death in immune deficient patients and also a cause of severe asthma.

2008-10-29 08:20:00

Flooding from Hurricane Katrina caused fungus expert Joan Bennett to believe in so-called toxic mold.

2008-10-01 12:00:07

ViraCor Laboratories, a specialty molecular diagnostic reference laboratory that provides same day turnaround for laboratory tests, today announced the launch of a comprehensive mycology, or fungus, testing service that will allow the company to quickly detect potentially deadly fungal infections in patients.

2008-09-08 09:00:52

Myconostica, a UK-based medical diagnostic company, has launched a new test to assist medical and scientific professionals identify the two most common causes of fungal pneumonia.

2008-07-02 09:01:03

AirInSpace, a leading supplier of mobile devices that 'catch and inactivate' harmful and resistant biological particles from the air, announced today that data from a multi-year clinical study shows a significant reduction in aspergillosis infection rates in a standard hospital setting when using the Company's patented PlasmairT2006 mobile unit with HEPA-MD(TM) technology.

2008-07-02 09:00:13

A new drug, called lodamin, created from both a fungus that contaminated a lab experiment, and nanotechnology is believed to be effective in fighting a wide range of cancers, according to redOrbit.

2005-10-14 13:55:57

Researchers at The University of Manchester funded by the Fungal Research Trust have discovered millions of fungal spores right under our noses – in our pillows.

2005-09-22 15:42:26

Researchers at National Jewish Medical and Research Center have demonstrated that dilute bleach not only kills common household mold, but may also neutralize the mold allergens that cause most mold-related health complaints. The study, published in the September issue of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, is the first to test the effect on allergic individuals of mold spores treated with common household bleach.

2005-08-09 18:04:18

In the early 1960s more than 100,000 turkeys died in Britain of cancer of the liver. Eventually, researchers identified mouldy peanut flour from Brazil containing large amounts of aflatoxin as the cause of this mysterious 'turkey X' disease. Even today the toxin is regarded as one of the most virulent natural carcinogenic substances.