Latest Asphyxia Stories

2015-04-13 11:13:46

There have been countless stories over the years of people who have gone through near-death experiences, ranging from tales of floating above their own hospital beds to traveling towards a heavenly bright light, but are these simply due to chemical changes in the body?

2011-10-25 20:00:34

Brain damage due to birth asphyxia – where the brain is starved of oxygen around the time of delivery – is normally treated by cooling the infant, but this only helps one baby in nine.

2009-07-15 22:56:49

Nineteen century infant deaths attributed to smothering and overlaying were in all likelihood Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a U.S. researcher said. Dr.

2009-07-14 09:14:22

Study suggests tragic 19th century infant deaths mislabeled as neglect and infanticide were in fact crib deaths

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