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2012-07-04 01:49:24

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are applying stereoscopic 3D to record exercises on offside position for the FIFA to use as teaching material in professional training courses for assistant referees. The objective of this innovation project is to improve the learning environment of the assistant referees with multimedia materials which offer a visual experience that is the most similar to what referees on the pitch experience, and which can train visual...

Metal Oxides Hold The Key To Cheap, Green Energy
2012-04-19 08:06:18

Harnessing the energy of sunlight can be as simple as tuning the optical and electronic properties of metal oxides at the atomic level by making an artificial crystal or super-lattice ℠sandwich´ says a Binghamton University researcher in a new study published in the journal Physical Review B. "Metal oxides are cheap, abundant and 'green,'" said Louis Piper, assistant professor of physics at Binghamton University. "And as the study proved, quite versatile. With the right touch,...

2012-04-16 21:47:09

University of Cincinnati researchers are strongly represented at the upcoming Society for American Archaeology meeting. UC research presentations will include studies of one of the earliest farming sites in southern Europe, volcanic activity in pre-Columbian America, and what dogs are the best hunters. Among the research presented by University of Cincinnati faculty and students at the April 18-22 Society for American Archaeology meeting will be an examination of early agriculture in...

2012-04-15 23:01:32

One of the best weight loss diet programs is not offering their balanced nutrition eating guide for free from nutrition and weight loss products company, True Healthy Products. (PRWEB) April 14, 2012 Nutrition and diet products company, True Healthy Products recently released a new appetite suppressant called, the “Appetite Assistant.” The appetite suppressant tablet can be incorporated with the balanced nutrition eating plan offered by the company that will aid in weight loss...

Google Reportedly Set To Release Siri Competitor By Year's End
2012-03-05 05:24:13

Google is planning to reveal 'Assistant' -- their answer to Apple's popular voice recognition platform Siri -- by the fourth quarter of this year, an unidentified source told TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis. The development of Assistant is being spearheaded by Google's Android team, and search engineer Amit Singhal is also involved in the project, Tsotsis reported on Friday. She also learned that they are focusing on a "mobile, voice-centered 'Do engine' that's less about returning search...

2012-02-17 00:33:52

New study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute shows men and women faculty retained at same rate; But median retention rate for all university professors is only 11 years Attracting and retaining the world's brightest students is on the mind of every university official. But a new, unprecedented study in the journal Science suggests leaders in higher education face an understated, even more pressing challenge: the retention of professors. The good news, said Deborah Kaminski of...

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