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2009-02-25 10:00:00

Small robots the size of riding mowers could prepare a safe landing site for NASA's Moon outpost, according to a NASA-sponsored study prepared by Astrobotic Technology Inc. with technical assistance from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. Astrobotic Technology and Carnegie Mellon researchers analyzed mission requirements and developed the design for an innovative new type of small lunar robot under contract from NASA's Lunar Surface Systems group. The results will be presented...

2008-10-07 15:00:17

The X PRIZE Foundation today announced two new teams and a new Preferred Partner in the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a robotic race to the Moon to win a remarkable $30 million in prizes. These two teams join the international group of teams that will compete to land a privately funded robotic craft on the Moon that is capable of roaming the lunar surface for at least 500 meters and sending video, images and data back to the Earth. The announcement was made at the AGI Users' Conference, held in...

2008-03-28 01:10:00

A Houston-based aerospace company announced on Thursday that it hopes to begin a commercial service of sending human ashes to the moon.Celestis, Inc. has previously sent cremated remains into space on rockets since their 1997 Founders Flight, which sent 24 capsules into Earth orbit aboard a Pegasus rocket. Celestis said it hopes to reach the moon through its Luna 02 and Luna 03 missions as soon as 2009. Service options include capsules ranging from 1 to 14 grams, costing between $10,000 and...

2008-02-21 14:45:46

The X PRIZE Foundation and Google Inc. announced the first 10 teams in the race for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, a robotic race to the moon for $30 million in prizes, at a news conference in Mountain View, Calif., today. The University of Arizona has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University and Raytheon Missile Systems as Team Astrobotic in a bid to win the first private moon race. The UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering are the major players...

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