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How Space Technology Animates Hollywood
2012-06-05 09:29:19

If you´ve been to see Wrath of the Titans, then you´ve watched it in action. A computer programmer is using software he developed to control spacecraft to help animators make more realistic computer games and movies. Originally designed to help guide satellites, the software now helps computers to render human movements smoothly and realistically. It turns out that movements controlled effortlessly by our brains — picking up a cup, touching our toes or doing a little...

2011-02-22 10:03:00

NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AMPAC-ISP CORP., American Pacific Corporation's (Nasdaq: APFC) wholly-owned In-Space Propulsion subsidiary (AMPAC-ISP or AMPAC In-Space Propulsion), is producing bipropellant thrusters for the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle under contract to Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems. These engines provide vernier reaction control for the spacecraft, and are designed in varied configurations to match the vehicle contour at their specific...

2010-10-26 13:51:45

As CryoSat-2 works to detect shifts in global ice cover, it carries one small but significant passenger. A miniaturized sensor evolved from automobile stability control systems is checking the satellite's rate of spin "“ Europe's first MEMS device designed for space navigation. The MEMS Rate Sensor is the smallest gyro ever flown by ESA, and was given a guest slot on CryoSat-2 as a flight experiment. It has amassed more than 150 days' worth of measurements so far, which is cross-checked...

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