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Tornado hits Perth Australia
2012-07-10 16:50:37

June 7, 2012: Perth Australia was hit by a tornado. Tornadoes occur anywhere in the world when the conditions are right and this is a great example of hitting in a unique location. When we think of tornadoes Australia is not the first place that comes to most of our minds. However, it is not uncommon for tornadoes to hit in Australia, they just don’t hit as often as in the United States....

Australian Grayling Prototroctes maraena
2012-05-22 10:19:18

The Australian Grayling (Prototroctes maraena) is a freshwater fish found in coastal rivers in Tasmania and southeastern Australia. This fish has often been called the Cucumber Mullet or Cucumber Herring due to its cucumber-like odor. This fish is streamlined with a vaguely trout-like shape. It is silver on the flanks and dusky olive on the back, overlain with a golden shine. It can live 2...

White-spotted Sea Squirt Pycnoclavella diminuta
2014-01-12 00:00:00

The White-spotted Sea Squirt (Pycnoclavella diminuta), also known as the White-spotted Ascidian or White-spot Ascidian, is a species of tunicate found in the Indian and West Pacific oceans, and found along Australia, Lord Howe Island, New Caledonia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It lives at depths of 16 to 66 feet in the benthic zone in caves and under ledges. It often occurs in environments...

Black Sea Cucumber Holothuria atra
2012-04-19 10:48:27

The Black Sea Cucumber (Holothuria atra), also known as the Lollyfish, is a species of marine invertebrate in the Holothuriidae family. It is found in the Indo-Pacific ocean region, extending from the Red Sea and East Africa to Australia. It is found on the seabed, in shallow waters on reefs and sand flats and in sea grass meadows at depths up to 66 feet. It prefers reef flats where it is...

Coral Nudibranch Phyllodesmium horridum
2012-04-03 19:36:16

The Coral Nudibranch, (Phyllodesmium horridum), is a species of sea slug in the Facelinidae family. It is found off Australia and Japan, as well as around the South African coast from False Bay to Sodwana Bay. This species is intertidal, existing in the low to high tide regions, but some reaching depths up to 100 feet below sea level. This creature is a marine gastropod mollusc. It generally...

2012-04-03 14:18:34

Astrocoeniidae is a family of stony corals endemic to the waters around Papua New Guinea and northern Australia. Their habitats are steep slopes where strong currents rise from below, in crevices and below overhangs. These are reef-building colonial corals containing an algae known as zooxanthallae. These algae typically encrust corals up to 20 inches in diameter. On reef slopes, where...

Shy Albatross Thalassarche cauta
2012-04-02 15:43:49

The Shy Albatross, (Thalassarche cauta), also known as the Shy Mollymawk, is a species of albatross found off the coast of Australia and New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands. Its range extends across much of the Southern Ocean. It is also known as the White-capped Albatross in some areas. This species at one time was considered to be the same species as Salvin’s Albatross and the Chatham...

2011-01-03 17:56:44

Qantassaurus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur from the late Aptian to early Albian age of the Early Cretaceous Period (115 million years ago). It lived in Australia when the continent was still south of the Antarctic Circle, and was still part of the supercontinent Gondwana. Qantassaurus was discovered in 1996 during the third annual field season of the Dinosaur Dreaming Project, a dig...

2010-01-26 18:53:08

Muttaburrasaurus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (100 to 98 million years ago). It lived in what is now northeastern Australia. Besides the Minmi, it is Australia's most completely known dinosaur from fossilized remains. It was first described from a partial skeleton found by Doug Langdon in 1963 in Queensland, Australia. It was discovered near the town...

2009-08-20 12:40:20

Diamantinasaurus, meaning "˜Diamantina River lizard', is a genus of titanosaurian dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (late Albian age). It lived in Australia. Diamantinasaurus is known from a partial skeleton including a right shoulder blade, a sternum plate, forelimbs, most of the hind limbs, part of the hip, and some ribs. It was described by Scott Hocknull and his colleagues in 2009....

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